LG G7: How To Turn Off Camera Sound

The latest LG G7 flagship smartphone is known for having a high-quality camera that users love to use all the time for taking selfies and pictures. When taking a photo from your device it is common to hear a camera shutter sound when taking a picture. Some people find this sound irritating and they would love to know how to turn this sound off.

For those who live in the United States, there is a law that does not allow you to turn off the camera shutter sound due to privacy laws. The law specifically says that smartphones with digital cameras should make a sound when taking a photo. Having this in mind, we show you a guide on how to turn off camera sound on your LG G7. Also, included in this article is how to simply turn the sound down a bit to not break any laws.

How to Mute or Lower the Volume of your LG G7

The first method that you can do is to either turn off or lower the sound of your camera. You just simply press the “volume down” button on your device until it goes into vibrate mode. When the volume sound is on mute, the camera shutter sound will not be heard when you take a picture. If you want some sound to be retained you can press the volume down button to your desired sound level.

Remember That Plugging Headphones in Will not Work

Some users may think that plugging in your headphones will automatically mute or turn off the sound of your camera shutter. This may be true in most instances, all sounds from the device will play through the headphones and not on the speakers on your device. In the case of the G7, this will not work. This is because your smartphone separates media audio from alerts and notification sounds. This means that even if you have your headphones plugged in the camera shutter sound will still be heard.

Use a Third-party Camera App

There is an alternative method to turning off the camera shutter sound on your G7. This is by using a third-party app. Go to Google Play Store and test the camera apps to see which app does not make a camera shutter sound on your G7.

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