LG G7 Overheating: How To Fix This Problem

There are owners of the LG G7 complaining about their device overheating after using it for a while. Other have noticed that their LG G7 becomes extremely hot when left in the heat for several hours. If you are experiencing this, just follow the steps below to learn how you can fix the problem.

Do a Factory Reset

Your LG G7 can be overheating because of a third-party app that you just downloaded. The best way to be certain is by putting your LG G7 in Safe Mode and you can do by tapping and holding down the Power key and the Power off key until the Reboot to Safe Mode option appears and you can then click on Restart.

You should be able to see Safe Mode displayed at the lower left corner of your screen if activated. If your LG G7 works well in Safe Mode, then the issue is probably caused by a defective app. There are two ways to fix this issue; you can start to uninstall all 3rd-party apps that are on your LG G7 until you get the faulty one or you can just carry out a factory reset on your LG G7

Clear the Cache

It is advisable to delete the cache of your LG G7 before you begin the factory reset process. You can use this link to (Learn how to clear the LG G7 cache)

You will need to power off your LG G7 and then tap and hold the Power, Volume up, and Home keys at the same time, this will make the LG logo to appear with a blue small recovery text at the top, release the buttons and use the Volume down key to navigate and highlight the option named wipe cache partition you can now use the Power key to choose it. When the process is completed, use the Volume keys to move to reboot system now option and use the Power key to select it

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