LG G7 Not Staying Connected To WiFi

Some owners of the LG G7 have been complaining of having issues with their Wi-Fi. Most times when they use their LG G7 to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, the LG G7 will switch back to phone data and this happens every time. One of the common causes is that the WiFi you are trying to connect is not strong enough to browse the internet on your LG G7. So your phone automatically switches to iPhone data to make it possible for you to browse the internet on your smartphone.

However, some users have complained that even when the Wi-Fi connection is strong and others are connecting to it and browsing perfectly on their phones, they still experience the same issue. There are ways to solve this problem on your LG G7 and I will be explaining them below. The reason why you are experiencing this issue on your LG G7 is that the WLAN to mobile data connection that has been activated in the Android settings of the LG G7.

This feature is popularly known as “Smart network switch,” and it was added to the design of the LG G7 to make it possible for your LG G7 to automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data such as LTE, to provide a constant and stable network connection all the time. However, LG has made sure that you can deactivate this feature if it’s causing you issues on your LG G7.

Fix LG G7 Not Staying Connected To WiFi Problem

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Activate the mobile data connection of the LG G7
  3. Once you’ve activated the mobile data connection, go to Menu, click on Settings and then select Wireless
  4. Once the page appears you will see the option “Smart network switch”
  5. Unmark the box and your LG G7 will no longer try to provide a stable connection by switching from Wi-Fi to data

After following the steps above, you should know how to solve the Wi-Fi problem on your LG G7. However, sometimes the issue will persist on your LG G7. The final method that you can use to solve the issue is to run a “wipe cache partition”. This process will not touch or tamper with your files and documents, so there is no need to worry. If you will like to use this process, you will need to put your LG G7 in recovery mode. You should check this link on  How to clear LG G7 phone data cache

Solve the Wifi Issue on LG G7

  1. Switch off your LG G7
  2. Hold these keys at the same time: Power off, Volume up and the Home key
  3. After anew seconds, your LG G7 will vibrate and enter recovery mode
  4. Look for the entry called “wipe cache partition” and start it

The process will be completed after a few minutes and you can restart your LG G7 by selecting “reboot system now.”

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