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LG G7 Remove Bloatware (Solution)

LG G7 Remove Bloatware (Solution)

Ever heard the term “Bloatware”? Well, you might have heard it from somewhere, or read it from some site, but today, we should explain to you in depth what “Bloatware” really is.

Bloatware is an application a useless app, which eats up a lot of your RAM and disk space, making your phone sluggish. Bloatware is very common on smartphones nowadays. If you’re thinking that your LG G7 is an exception, that where you’re wrong. Are you annoyed by this pesky application present on your LG G7? Then you came to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be knocking your brains with some knowledge about Bloatware and how to cope up with it to maximize the capability of your LG G7.

Erasing your LG G7’s bloatware like the Google Apps, Play Store, Gmail, Google +, etc, is far from impossible. You’ll be able to delete most apps. Yet, we aren’t informed yet if LG is enabling its clients to erase this bloatware due to the law enforced in South Korea that states that Smartphone Manufactures should enable their customers to erase these stocked applications on their handsets, like the ones included at the top.

Keep in mind that not all LG G7 Bloatware applications can be deleted from your LG G7 due to some of them are only to be disabled. A disabled app won’t appear or pop-up on your LG G7’s app screen and won’t also run in the background, though, it will still be in present on your phone.

Steps in Deleting or Disabling the Bloatware Apps on your LG G7

In order to erase or deactivate the bloatware applications on your LG G7, carefully perform the following:

  1. Turn ON your LG G7
  2. Proceed to your LG G7’s App Screen. Afterwards, hit the Edit option
  3. You can delete an app with a minus symbol next to it
  4. Hit the minus symbol to delete an app

After performing these instructions, you should get rid of or deactivate all the bloatware on your smartphone. It shall save you a lot of RAM space on your LG G7. Also, it shall help your phone operate faster because those pesky applications not running in your background, silently, anymore.

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Feb 9, 2018

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