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LG G7: How To Set Custom Ringtones

LG G7: How To Set Custom Ringtones

Boring is the middle name of the default ringtones of LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G7. Instead of the interactivity and the joy real songs and music bring to us, listeners, we’re provided with a bunch of monotones with no lyrics and are just plain dull. Do you want to put your own spin on your LG G7’s ringtone? Then hear us out. The process of weaving your own ringtone for personal use, or to assign it to your LG G7’s notifications and received calls is super easy and takes only about a few minutes to perform. The great thing about this is that you’re able to select your desired ringtone for each individual in your LG G7’s phone book! If you want to know how to create your LG G7 ringtone, all you have to do is follow this simple steps.

How to Make your own LG G7 Ringtone

LG G7, like its other competitors, added a feature on their device that lets its users weave and assign their own created ringtones for each individual on their phone book. Additionally, you can use it too for text messages and alarms on your LG G7! And it may vary depending what will you use for each one! The steps below will help you designate a particular ringtone for each contact on your LG G7:

  1. Turn ON your LG G7
  2. Proceed to the Dialler App
  3. Find the contact you want to designate your unique ringtone to
  4. Hit on the Pen-Shaped sign to tweak your LG G7’s phonebook
  5. Hit on the “Ringtone” option
  6. Afterwards, you shall notice a menu in which where all of the available songs and music on your LG G7 will be listed
  7. Find the particular ringtone you’ve created and want to assign to your chosen contact
  8. In the event that you’ve already created a ringtone and doesn’t appear on the music list, head to the device storage option, tap on it then press the “Add” option

With the steps we’ve given you here, you can set a unique tone for each of your contacts. You might not want to spend time setting one for every single contact. But it’s worth setting one for anyone who calls you regularly. A customized ringtone for each of your contacts helps you identify them without looking. This leads to a much more convenient and personalized experience on your device.

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Feb 9, 2018

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