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LG Teases 2016 Smart TV Features

LG Teases 2016 Smart TV Features

LG is teasing some of the features on its line of smart televisions, including a brand new version of WebOS, the operating system that once powered the Palm Pre and was confined to the dustbin of smartphone history. The operating system is, however, almost universally loved by the tech community, which is why many were interested to learn that it would power LG televisions.

LG is trying to lure new customers by offering a host of new features on their 2016 line of Smart TVs, and announced this Monday that its newest range will be shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2016.

The biggest announcements will be the new WebOS 3.0 operating system which will allow users to access online content, use apps like Netflix and Youtube, view different channels and do so much more. The move comes as more and more people begin using the likes of Google Chromecast and Apple TV to view content on their screens. What might hold LG back in the new year, however, is the affordability of these devices.

Even if WebOS is easier to navigate or more convenient than using external devices, many people will be put off by the likely high prices of LG’s HD and 4K Smart TVs.

There are three new major features in the new WebOS operating system that LG is hoping will win over new customers. First of all there’s Magic Zoom, a feature that allows the viewer to magnify images and text without actually compromising the quality of the image. The second is Magic Mobile Connection, that lets you cast your Android mobile phone to your TV screen, and the third if Magic Remote, a feature that lets you control all of your set top boxes using one single remote.

If LG can price these TVs competitively, they could be on to something.


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