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LG V30: How To Change Lock Screen

Customizing your lock screen is a great way to not only personalize your phone, but also to efficiently operate the device.  The below steps will first teach you how to add a unique photo to your lock screen and also how to change the display to utilize different features while in lock mode.

How to change LG V30 Lock screen Wallpaper

  1. Hold down on an empty space in the Home screen (this will enable “edit” mode)
  2. Select Wallpaper > Lock Screen
  3. Option to select a default Wallpaper or to select an image from your photos, select More Images
  4. Select the photo you want as your Wallpaper screen.
  5. Press Set Wallpaper

How to change LG V30 Lock screen Display

  1. Settings > Lock Screen
  2. From there, you’ll see the following display options:
    • Dual Clock – select 2 locations of time to display (useful if you work multiple time zones or are on vacation in another time zone)
    • Clock Size – adjust the size to increase or decrease
    • Show the Date – adds the current date as an additional point of reference
    • Camera Shortcut – *editors pick* For as great as the camera is on the LG V30 we highly advise you add this to your lock screen for easy access. Never miss a photo-op!
    • Owner Information – add social media handles, email, text
    • Unlock Effect – visual customizations
    • Additional Info – enables you to place additional widgets and apps on the lock screen

You’ve now customized your lock screen and hopefully are operating your LG V30 as efficiently as possible.

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Melissa Reyes

Nov 13, 2017

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