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LG V30 Keep Rebooting (Solution)

LG V30 Keep Rebooting (Solution)

Despite the LG V30 being on of the best smartphone in the market, users have complained that it suddenly reboots out of nowhere. There are several reasons that cause the LG V30 to randomly restart, reboot or freeze. Some of the reasons are faulty apps, a defective battery, or a buggy new firmware. The instructions below will provide you with an in-depth walk through on how to fix a LG V30 that keeps restarting.

The Android operating system causes the LG V30 to keep restarting.

If you’ve determined that the cause of the random reboots is a buggy firmware that has been recently installed, what you need to do is perform a master reset on the LG V30.

Now before you perform a factory reset, it is a good idea to make a backup of all the contents of your LG V30 in order to avoid any loss of data and information.

Perform the Master Reset on LG V30:

  1. Turn on the LG V30 phone
  2. Back up all data
  3. Go to Settings > General
  4. Select Backup & Reset
  5. Tap Back up my data (*if you already backed up your data, then select “Automatic Restore”
  6. Select Factory data reset > Reset Phone > Next
  7. Lastly, Delete All > OK

An application is responsible for the sudden reboots.

Another fix that you can try is to place your LG V30 in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is where your phone can be properly debugged by securely removing faulty apps that is causing the random restarts of your phone.

The first thing to do is to turn off the LG V30 completely. Then press and hold the power button to reboot the smartphone. Once the phone is rebooted an LG logo will appear. When that happens, immediately press and hold the volume down button. Hold it down until the sim-pin is asked for. At the bottom left you will find a field with “Safe Mode“.

Lastly, when your LG V30 starts to restart randomly, it can be a sign of a major malfunction on the smartphone. If you want your LG V30 to be replaced, check to see if it is still under warranty because it can save you a lot of money. But consult with an LG customer support representative first to know your options when encountering such an issue with your phone. This will save you time on going back and forth to the retail store where you bought your LG V30.

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Nov 13, 2017

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