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LG V30 Service Problem

LG V30 Service Problem

LG V30 users who eagers to solve their phone’s service problem, you came to the right place. It’s very normal to experience the “No Service” error on your LG V30. This problem is much the same when your LG V30 isn’t detecting any signals from your network provider. We suggest that you learn how to recover the IMEI number and fix the No Signal issue before heading to the steps we’ll be catering below.

Reason why you Experience No Service Error

The top culprit as to why this occurs is that your LG V30’s radio signal is disabled. Especially when there’s an issue with your WiFi and GPS connection, it automatically turns off.

Fix your IMEI Number

Often, when your IMEI number is nulled, it results in a No service error on your LG V30. In this guide, we’ll be shedding some light on your LG V30 users on how to inspect if your IMEI number is corrupted or nulled. To know more, go to this link: Restore LG V30 Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network

LG V30 No Service Solution

To solve the No service problem on your smartphone, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Head to your LG V30’s dial pad
  2. Input the code (*#*#4636#*#*) Please note: There’s no need to press the send button for the Service mode will automatically appear
  3. Open the Service mode
  4. Choose “Device information” or “Phone information”
  5. Choose Run Ping Test
  6. Tap Turn Radio Off button. Your phone will automatically restart
  7. Choose reboot

Buy a New SIM card

Another culprit of this No Service issue is that your SIM card might be malfunctioning. Try removing then reinserting it to check if it’ll fix the problem. If now, we recommend you buy a new one and your LG V30’s “No Service” issue shall be fixed.

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