Logitech’s $99 MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse Review

The MX Master 2S wireless mouse is Logitech’s flagship mouse that is specifically designed for power users and specialists in their craft that want to be more efficient with their work.

The MX Master 2S possesses the Logitech Flow that allows users to flawlessly navigate through two computers with a single mouse while copying and pasting content between the two computers.

Boasting a stunning design and advanced features, the MX Master 2S provides exceptional control, customization, precision, and comfort.

On Amazon currently, the MX Master 2S mouse is available for a bargain price of $79.99. Most vendors sell the mouse for around $90, and this has been the case since last December in stores like Best Buy.

It is important to note that only the Graphite version can be purchased at this price.

A few features that make the MX Master 2S mouse one of the most coveted tools in the IT industry are listed below.

Groundbreaking Multi-Computer Control

The ability to navigate and shuffle between two working systems while sharing files between both is an underrated and extremely useful tool that increases efficiency while improving ease of use.

Smooth Multi-Computer Workflow

Experience the smoothest workflow possible between two computers with the potential and Power of the MX Master 2S as the Logitech Flow works it magic with every movement of your cursor.

You can navigate your mouse cursor across three computers while moving images, files, and text from one computer to another.

Quality Multi-Surface Tracking

The value of a quality mouse lies in its tracking, and the MX Master S mouse provides that with its unique 4000-Dpi sensor that can track on practically any surface including glass.

Fast Recharging

A full charge of your MX Master 2S mouse can last up to 70 days! That how solid the battery life is. Simply plug the mouse to your computer’s micro-USB charging cable and you can start using it in within three minutes.

Users give it 4.2 stars based on 371 reviews.

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