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Mobdro Keeps Buffering – How To Fix

Mobdro Keeps Buffering - How To Fix

If Mobdro keeps buffering or erroring, what can you do? Is there any tweak or trick to stop the continuous buffering when using the app? Let’s find out.

Mobdro is a curious app. Some of it is very good and it manages to find streams in places no other app can find. Some of it isn’t so good and is mainly a waste of time. Either way, if you have a spare hour there is nothing wrong with wasting it using this app.

Buffering is a common issue with many streaming apps. It means the connection between your device and the stream source is not fast enough to carry the stream seamlessly. It may not be the entire connection and it may not be permanently slow, but somewhere between you and the streamer is a bottleneck slowing things down.

The Mobdro app has to pause playback for a moment as the next few frames of your movie or show arrive and then it can continue. That’s why you see either the gray screen or the circle going round and round. The app has paused while it waits for the stream to catch up.

Buffering isn’t unique to Mobdro, it happens to all streaming apps at one point or another. Less so with legitimate apps like Netflix or Crunchyroll but it can still happen.

Mobdro keeps buffering

Mobdro provides an extra challenge as it does not control the streamer. Where Netflix controls its own servers and can take measures to avoid buffering, Mobdro cannot. It finds the streams from across the internet and they could literally be from anywhere.

This could mean that no matter what steps you take to stop Mobdro buffering, it might still happen. However, you won’t know until you try a couple of things your end. There are a couple of practical things you can do to avoid it though.

Try a different streaming app

If an app is misbehaving, the logical thing to do would be to try a different app. Try YouTube or Netflix and see if they are buffering too. If they are, it could be your device or network. If they work fine, the cause of buffering with Modbro could be the source and there may be nothing you can do about that.

If that’s the case, you can try these other steps as they might make a difference.

Use WiFi instead of 4G

Depending on where you are at the time, switching from 4G over to a WiFi connection will ensure your side of the connection is running at its full potential. Most carriers provide decent 4G speeds but in some locations and at certain times of day, the network gets busy. This can slow things down enough to cause Mobdro to keep buffering.

As long as nobody else on your network is doing anything too intensive, your end of the connection should be enough to stream.

Restart Mobdro

Sometimes, apps just get themselves tied up in knots. They use up all their memory allocation, fill the cache and generally stop working properly. Shutting the app down completely and using Force Close can cure a lot of issues like this.

  1. Open your phone and select Settings.
  2. Select Apps and then Modbro.
  3. Select Force Close and let the app shut down.
  4. Open and retry the stream again.

This can be enough to restart the stream and prevent buffering. It’s worth a shot if shifting to WiFi isn’t enough.

Restart your VPN

You are using Modbro behind a VPN right? If you’re using Modbro, you know that not all the content you access is going to be legal. Accessing it in the clear, without the protection of a VPN is not the best way forward. If you are using a VPN and you certainly should be, restart it.

The VPN itself may be experiencing latency. Restarting the app or choosing another endpoint server may stop Modbro buffering.

Reboot your phone

Newer versions of Android are now incredibly stable but the freedom to install any application we like does add some instabilities. While buffering isn’t a symptom of memory corruption or a full cache that isn’t flushing, it does happen. If restarting Mobdro doesn’t stop your buffering, reboot your phone.

Your options are limited if Mobdro keeps buffering as neither you, nor Modbro controls the source of the stream. If that’s the case, it may just be better to try a different stream, or different app and try again later.

Know any tips for optimizing Modbro to reduce buffering? Tell us about it below if you do!

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11 thoughts on “Mobdro Keeps Buffering – How To Fix”

Kevin says:
I have no complaints about Mobdro. It’s free. I use it on an android box and im amazed how much i can get. Sometimes it still freezes but, its free. Compared to a couple years ago its improved 100%.
Frank says:
When prompted to update,should i?
XE zemog says:
I use Mobdro to watch NFL on TSN. The chopping is horrendous, more so this year than before. Are there any other suggestions? I use Azn firestick and I empty all the caches with every start and it’s just an awful signal.
Heather says:
Why can’t I get local channels with the “Mobdro” streaming app? The ABC channel only gives news in PA, and I live in NH! Fearing if I uninstall Mobdro, that I won’t know where to find it cause the stream app isn’t from the play store.
Sandro says:
I solved the issue by uninstalling and then installing it back, you know, it’s been years since I first installed it and only upgraded when prompted, so I guess that only upgrading the app isn’t enough to keep it running, it might be a good idea to completely uninstall it once in a while. My next step would be downgrading it, but the first solved the issue.
DeLoise Gambrell says:
mobdro sucks!
Frances says:
There has to be another way to watch fox news for free without going thru provider like spectrum or verizon.
Brian says:
Yes, you can stick your head in a bucket of shite. Same effect.
yvonne says:
I have an Amazon fire stick and I am having trouble with the app mobdro, it won’t bring LMN or Hallmark , and a few others is there another app I can use that’s better than that?
Neo124 says:
It sounds like you have first-hand experience.
Mobdto_Monster says:
I have a small gray bar on the top and bottom of my screen when using Mobdro. Any thoughts or reasons why it is there?
Glenda Tincher says:
Mobdro app on my firestick isn’t working..its shuttering…when will it be fixed
Jerry says:
If its a live show why does it buffer. I have the best Wi/Fi and APK n VPN
Sam says:
Pls is there a way I can choose video quality I need on mobdro. Thanks
Erica Bell says:
What happened to young and the restless on cbs?
Bruce says:
Why can I not select a show to watch from tge beginning? Everytine I click on a shiw it starts in the middle or the end, is there no way to rewind back to the beginning?
Danny says:
Because Bruce, Modbro is a LIVE tv streaming app … just like you couldn’t turn your TV onto BBC 1, and ‘decide’ you wana watch the program that’s playing right from the start .. because it’s just not possible is it .. so Modbro is just streaming Channels that are currently playing .. now do you understand how it works? Danny

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