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Which Laptop Brand Is the Most Reliable?

Which Laptop Brand Is the Most Reliable?

Whatever device you’re purchasing, one of the essential criteria is its reliability. You want to buy a product that will last for a long time and won’t require much maintenance.

The same goes for laptops. The laptop market is flourishing, and numerous brands are worthy of your attention. With so many options available, deciding on the most reliable brand can be difficult.

If you’re interested in learning what laptop brands are the most reliable, look no further. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and drawbacks of some of the best laptop brands. As a bonus, we’ll offer a laptop buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

What Laptop Brand Is Most Reliable?

Due to the fierce competition in this market sector, brands constantly improve laptops’ specifications and offer lower prices. It’s important to note there is no “best brand” when it comes to reliability, and it’s impossible to divide them in that way. People are highly subjective when talking about their experience with laptop brands, especially if they’ve experienced an issue.

Still, a few brands stand out from the crowd due to their consistently high-quality products and service.

These brands are:


One of the many reasons why people love Apple laptops is their reliability. Most people that use MacBooks have never experienced any breakdowns or faults. What’s more, MacBooks don’t seem to have slowed down over time, which often happens with other brands.

Reliability isn’t just about a product’s longevity. It’s also about the company’s customer service and support after you’ve purchased their device.

Even those that experienced different issues with their MacBooks speak positively about Apple due to the comprehensive warranty. In addition to the basic one-year warranty, you can extend it to three years with Apple Care. Besides the extended warranty, you’ll also get free phone and chat support and a lower service fee for two accidental damages per year. Apple Care also covers your charger, battery, and other accessories.

In most cases, repairs aren’t expensive, and they are fast, thanks to the well-functioning network of Apple stores and authorized service providers. If there isn’t a store near you, you can ship your Mac to them, and it will be returned to you as soon as possible.

When purchasing a MacBook, you can be sure you’re getting a reliable, high-quality product with a distinctive appearance.


Although it’s one of the most reliable brands out there, Apple has its drawbacks, one of them being the price. Apple laptops usually price above the competition without offering any superior specifications. But, Apple fans will say the style, reliability, and ease of use are worth it.

If you have other Apple products, MacBooks will fit nicely into the ecosystem. However, if you’re using a different operating system, you’ll find that much of the Mac software isn’t compatible with others. In that case, you may opt for a different brand.


Microsoft is one of the most reliable laptop brands on the market. This brand started manufacturing laptops named “Surface” in 2012 and has since overcome its competition.

Since Microsoft was a well-known brand even before launching laptops and has been around for over 40 years, it has already had a good reputation and millions of customers worldwide.

Since their laptop launch, Microsoft has offered consistent quality to their customers, with no major issues or bugs. Their laptops last for years without breaking down. In addition to their reliability, Surface laptops feature a sleek design, face recognition login, loud speakers, etc. Some models can also double as tablets.

Surface laptops have long battery life and can be very powerful. Microsoft is aware not everyone can afford an expensive laptop, so they ensure there’s a product for every price range. Of course, the prices match the specifications, and you’ll usually get what you pay for.

Every Surface laptop comes with a one-year warranty and 90 days of technical support. Depending on your region, you may be able to extend the warranty, too.

A successful company listens to their customer, and Microsoft is a true example. Their customer service is always ready to help with any issue you may have, once again confirming why they are among the most reliable brands.

The disadvantages of using Microsoft laptops are mostly related to its operating system – Windows. People complained about low-security levels and virus susceptibility.



Lenovo is one of the most reputable names in the laptop industry. Their laptops are known for excellent specs, long battery life, and build quality.


With dozens of different laptops manufactured, Lenovo has a model for every pocket and preference. The company has a wide range of less expensive laptops for personal use and features an impressive selection of gaming laptops that cost a little more.

Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure you’re purchasing a product from a brand with a long tradition and an impressive reliability score.

Lenovo laptops are very durable and provide years of impeccable service with the proper care.

The company realizes the importance of attracting new customers with innovative designs and specifications while maintaining a high-quality level. But, it’s also aware of the significance of keeping current customers happy. Lenovo has an impressive customer support system, accessible over the phone and email, seven days a week. To ensure customer satisfaction, Lenovo has set up dedicated interfaces for each laptop series.

Depending on the model, Lenovo also offers warranties on its laptops, ranging between one and three years. If you’re not sure what laptop model you have, you can scan it through their website and check it or purchase an upgrade.

Choosing the Right OS

Reliability is only one of the many factors you should consider before purchasing a laptop. Here are some of the laptop features to keep in mind before buying one:

Operating System

One of the primary considerations when purchasing a laptop is the operating system. Although this choice usually comes down to Mircosoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS, you can also get ChromeOS.


If you’re looking for a highly compatible operating system, Windows may be the right choice. Dozens of laptop brands feature Windows, offering a comprehensive quality and price range. Many laptop manufacturers customize Windows for a specific purpose, depending on the target buyers.

You’ll find Windows laptops featuring a simple design, touchscreens, and even detachable combos.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a laptop with a Windows operating system is its compatibility. Windows is a standard for many games, software, word processors, and business-related programs. If you’re purchasing a laptop for gaming or business, you may find Windows easier to work with.

The majority of most popular apps and programs feature a Windows version, meaning you’ll never feel “left out.”

Unlike other operating systems, Windows feature updates are released twice a year, usually during the spring and autumn.


macOS is an operating system developed by Apple. Contrary to Windows that numerous laptop manufacturers use, macOS is only used by Apple. This creates a unique ecosystem of Apple devices with different benefits such as easy connection, file transfer, backup, etc.

One of the trademarks of this operating system is its design. It’s very user-friendly and intuitive, offering a wide range of proprietary apps and software.

Due to their appealing design and excellent displays, macOS laptops are on the expensive side, especially compared to their Windows counterparts.

Although they perform well, macOS laptops don’t usually support the most powerful graphics.


Developed by Google, ChromeOS has become increasingly popular in the last few years. This operating system powers Chromebooks, affordable devices typically used in schools or for everyday casual internet browsing.

ChromeOS supports Google Play, which means you can download any Android app to your Chromebook. This is especially useful for those that already have Android phones.

How Are You Using the Laptop?

After deciding what operating system works for you, it’s essential to determine what you’ll use the laptop for. This will help you get an idea of the necessary hardware specifications and the adequate price range.

Personal Use

Personal use means you need a laptop for writing and browsing emails, using search engines, streaming movies and TV shows, accessing social networks, word processing, etc.

These basic functions don’t require a powerful processor or graphics card, and you won’t have to spend a fortune buying the laptop.

Business Use

Many people use their laptops for business purposes. In this case, the requirements differ depending on your line of business and the programs you need to use. Usually, graphic designers, video editors, engineers, and programmers, will need to buy a powerful laptop to run the programs without difficulties.


Gaming laptops feature high-end processors and graphics cards and enough RAM to run even the most demanding games. These laptops also have exceptional cooling systems to prevent overheating and are often expensive.


Another important aspect of deciding on a laptop model is where you’ll use it. You’ll want to purchase a smaller model if you’re often on the go, as they are easier to carry around.

If you want to use the laptop mainly in your house, you can opt for bigger models, because they offer a larger screen.

How To Choose the Right Specs

Hardware represents the laptop’s power. In most cases, you get what you pay for, i.e., better hardware will cost more money. That’s why it’s essential first to determine what you’ll use the laptop for and then decide on the hardware accordingly.

Here are some of the hardware components:

Processor (CPU)

The processor has the primary role because it provides the necessary instructions and power that keeps the computer working. The powerful the processor is, the quicker your laptop will perform the assignments.

In most cases, it’s best to get a mid-range processor unless you want to use the laptop for gaming or business purposes.

Graphics (GPU)

The GPU is a circuit that speeds up the image, video, and animations creation and rendering. The CPU and GPU work together to increase the data flow and perform as many calculations as possible.

As with the CPU, you’ll need a mid-range unit unless you want to run demanding apps and programs. In that case, you should look for more powerful GPUs.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is a computer storage form that enables stored data to be read almost momentarily. All current tasks get stored in RAM, and the more RAM you have, the more tasks your laptop will be able to perform at once without lagging.

For the most basic use, you’ll need between four and eight gigabytes of RAM. If you’re using demanding apps and programs, you should get 16 GB.


A laptop’s storage space suggests how much data it can store indefinitely. Unlike RAM, this data doesn’t have to be in usage at the moment.

Traditionally, hard disk drives (HDDs) have been the most popular choice. Nowadays, many laptops feature solid-state drives (SDDs). They are much faster and more reliable, but they are still more expensive. You can still find less costly and older laptops with HDD.

Price Range

Last but not least, it’s essential to set a price range. Although price is a relevant factor, don’t let it be the only one. Buying the cheapest model won’t get you as many advantages. The same goes for the most expensive ones: you don’t want to overpay for a product with an average performance.

Instead, write down the desired specifications, decide what you’ll use the laptop for, and set up a price range you’re comfortable with. Then, search the market until you find the right one.

Typically, laptops can be divided into three price categories:


These laptops cost up to $600 and offer basic functions. If you’ll be using the laptop for surfing the internet and carrying out standard tasks, this is the right category.

The laptops that fall into this category are light on hardware, but it doesn’t mean they won’t perform the basic tasks with ease.


Laptops belonging to this range cost between $600 and $1300. Many consider this range to be the best in terms of what you get for your money. These laptops differ in hardware specifications and features, so you can find both laptops for basic use and those that feature the most powerful processors and have impressive capabilities.


This price range encompasses some of the best laptops on the market. For $1300 or more, you can get improved performance, extended battery lifespan, higher-quality displays, superb design, etc.

It’s important to remember some models within this price range aren’t worth the money. Price is important, but you shouldn’t base your decision on it.

How to Decide on a Laptop to Buy

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