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MTP Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

MTP Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol and it is the protocol that allows you to connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus to a computer and transfer media files through it. An MTP problem usually refers to not being able to connect your smartphone to the PC and most users who deal with it will complain that:

  • The computer isn’t detecting the Samsung Galaxy S8;
  • Cannot transfer files or photos from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the PC;
  • S8 Plus won’t detect the PC:
  • Can’t connect S8 Plus to computer;
  • Computer won’t detect any files when connected to Galaxy S8 Plus;
  • Issues with transferring the files from Galaxy S8 to PC via USB.


Needless to insist on this, all of the above-listed problems have one common solution – troubleshooting the MTP connectivity through the following steps:


Step #1 – check the USB cable

It could be something wrong with it and the only way to test it is if you swap the actual cable with another one. Sometimes, the USB cable is perfectly capable of charging the phone but it won’t be able to transfer files. That’s why you’re better using the original cable that you received when you bought your Galaxy S8 smartphone.


Step #2 – verify the USB settings on your phone

When you are trying to connect the two devices without success, have a look and see if you can actually change the USB mode. You should be able to do it from the Notification bar – pull it down and see if you have access to the USB options icon.

When you can’t see that button, you will need to unplug the USB cable and to turn off the smartphone. Let it sit like that for about one minute and then turn it back on. Plug back the USB cable and this time you should be able to see the USB options icon in the Notification bar.


If you still cannot see it, you will have to enable the USB Debugging mode from the device’s settings by following these steps:

  1. Access the general Settings;
  2. Tap on the About Phone menu;
  3. Tap on Build Number for several times in a row, right until you see the message “You are now a developer” displayed on the screen;
  4. Go back to Settings;
  5. Tap on the newly appeared Developer Options menu;
  6. Select Enable USB debugging;
  7. Restart the device;
  8. Try to connect the USB cable again when it turns back on.


When nothing from above worked, you really have to use a different USB cable for your MTP Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus transfer.


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