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Notion vs. Evernote Review – Which is Better?

Notion vs. Evernote Review – Which is Better?

Isn’t this comparison a little unfair? After all, a Notion vs Trello discussion would have been better since Evernote is more of a note-taker, and Notion is more of an organizational tool. Evernote has moved towards being more of an organizational tool than just a note-taker; it is just that it takes more of an effort to turn Evernote into an organizer.

The team over at Evernote has marketed its note-taking capacity to draw people in, but Evernote can do much more. Here is a Notion vs Evernote discussion to help you decide which suits you the best.

Getting to Grips with Evernote

If you were an Evernote user from the start, and you slowly learned each new functionality as it was released, then you would consider Evernote to be the holy grail of portable organizers. However, if you are entering the world of Evernote, you may be a little intimidated by how many features and functions the app holds.


Plus, in order to maintain its original design, designers had to tack on functions and features wherever they will fit. That means that to an outsider the features and functions may seem a little sporadically placed.

As a result, people have had to learn and memorize where functions and features are, and how to use them. The people who take the time to learn where things are will find Evernote useful. However, having to learn how to use Evernote in this way is very off-putting to some people, especially to newcomers who don’t expect it.

Getting to Grips with Notion

Notion is very different because it was built as an organizational tool. It is like Evernote started as a go-kart that became a car, and Notion started as a car. Yet, despite Notion having the right foundations in terms of core use and functions, it is still not as intuitive as one might expect.


The functions and features are all laid out like pies at a picnic. Plus, moving things over, adding content, and setting things up is only reasonably intuitive. Yet, Notion can stop you cold if you are not sure how to enact a particular function.

For example, if you want to clone a certain piece of information, or set up a recurring task, you’ll have to go to YouTube to find it. You can search their knowledge base, but finding an answer on YouTube is often easier.

Security and Collaboration

Notion is the way to go if you want collaboration. You can add as many users as you wish to Notion, but that is not true of Evernote. However, if you are planning to collaborate using sensitive information, then you need to beware of Notion.

The popular opinion is that Evernote is the most insecure because it has had database breaches in the past, but Notion is simpler to hack. Notion hasn’t had the same security issues because prominent hackers go for bigger scores, and Evernote is the biggest score. If Notion had seen the sort of user numbers that Evernote has had, then it too would have had significant security issues in the past.

Can You Use Both Tools Together?

As mentioned in the introduction, Notion and Evernote are not direct competitors, even though Evernote has far more organizational functions than most people realize. So, shouldn’t people use both Evernote and Notion?

The answer is that you probably won’t use both. If you are on a project or trying to increase your productivity, you will always side one way or another. Evernote is still the master when it comes to taking notes, adding files, adding audio and videos, and so forth.

Evernote is great at storage, and only shines a little when it comes to organization. Notion shines a little when it comes to note taking, and lights up a room when it comes to organizing and project management.

When offered both tools, most people will use one more than the other. They may compromise on the organization and opt to use Evernote all the time, or may compromise on content creation and storage and instead use Notion to organize their projects.

Take Your Pick

Evernote is a well-established app, but it doesn’t have the best starter-friendly interface. It is the sort of app where you may be willing to give up trying to work it if you have had a bad day.

Notion, on the other hand, is super tidy and clean. Getting to grips with it doesn’t demand that much patience. If you have a project you are excited about, learning Notion is a pleasure.

What do you think? Is Evernote your go-to program, or is Notion the answer to all your organizational problems? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “Notion vs. Evernote Review – Which is Better?”

Chuck says:
Evernote versus Notion. I’ve been with Evernote for a long time and I’m not going to change now. Moving all the data over would be crazy as I hardly have enough time in a day as it is and I’M RETIRED – busier than ever.

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