Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – How to Obtain Rare Flowers

Are you one of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp-addicts who’ve been searching the Internet on the bests way to obtain the rare flowers? You can wonder no more, for we have the best way in acquiring it!

The cute game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp recently appended the ability to plant flowers in your Campsite garden. The idea is to grow sufficient of a mixture of colors of two distinct type of flowers — pansies and tulips — to swap with Lloid for special items you can put in your Campsite garden.

Assisting out your gamer friend and cross-pollinating or watering their garden is a sure-bet way to obtain even more out of it. You shall get the seeds of any successful cross-pollination or a Friend Powder for watering their garden out. In addition, that friend will also obtain one Friend Powder if you, fortunately, performed the cross-pollination well. Imagine, you’ve already helped them, then you got something in return, and they’ve also obtained something from it! That’s a win for everybody!

Now, if you’re searching for the best way to obtain all the rare flowers in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game to your bouquet, then here’s how!

Be a Cross-Pollination Expert

Lloid shall trade you seeds that shall help you get commenced with your garden for barely 80 bells apiece. However, he only trades yellow and red pansy seeds and orange and red tulip seeds. There are much more varied colored flowers to gather, most of which are required in line to obtain the multiple items Lloid is amenable to sell for. Cross-pollinating is the sole method to get to obtain the remainder of the flowers. The main issue is that in order to cross-pollinate, the flower in your item bag that you utilized shall be killed.

The sure-bet way to obtain multiple of rare colors is to commence by planting and harvesting nothing but common flowers (orange and red tulips and yellow and red pansies). By the moment you already have a great, and a full stock of these flowers, you’re now able to begin the cross-pollination process.

Load your garden with 20 regular seeds one more time. By the moment they’ve already grown, perform cross-pollination to feasibly obtain rare colors. Proceed with this method until you’ve obtained a comparably nice sized stock of any flower that can’t just be purchased from Lloid.

Rare Flower Colors

Once it’s all done, the next process is to start planting and cross-pollinating those rare and less-common flowers. Cross-pollinating rare flowers with rare flowers seems to produce the greatest probability of producing another rare flower. The aim is to produce a garden abundant of rare flowers with a back-stock complete of rare flowers you don’t care being killed when you perform cross-pollination with them.

Now, here’s a listing of all the possible colors of the flowers:


  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow-Blue
  • Red-Blue
  • Coral
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White


  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White

As of this moment, it seems that there is a possibility of obtaining any color of flower from all flower mixture, but rare flowers have a greater possibility of generating more rare flowers. Acknowledgments to Reddit user Mistreil for producing this astonishing chart of possible cross-pollination compounds based on the information we have as of this moment.

Go on a Tour of your Friend’s Gardens

Upon visiting a garden of a friend of yours, you can water developing flowers and perform cross-pollination with flowers that have already grown.

If you managed to successfully cross-pollinate flowers in a friend’s garden, you’ll obtain the seed that is dropped from that breeding.

If a friend of yours visits your garden and managed to successfully perform cross-pollination, you’ll obtain one Friend Powder, which will be helpful in the long run.

By watering the garden of a friend of yours, you shall obtain one Friend Powder for your hard work.

Tips from the Pro: When sprinkling water onto the flowers of your friends’ gardens, never water all of them. Simply sprinkle a few and let the rest for another player. You’ll only obtain one Friend Powder for your hard work per garden, without considering how much flowers you’ve watered. If you drop some dry, other players will have the opportunity to support out and obtain that Friend Powder, too!

Cross-Pollination Seldom Fails

There is approximately a 10% probability that when you attempt to perform cross-pollination, the breeding will just bust. That doesn’t suggest that the particular flower isn’t able to be cross-bred. It just indicates you have to attempt it again. Yes, you waste one of your flowers, but it’s meriting to keep attempting in order to obtain those rare colors.

Sprinkle Some Water on those Rare Ones

If your flowers require watering, you’ll recognize by the brighter color of the soil. With that, and only by that, will there even be a choice to water them. If you press on a flower with the aim of watering it and you don’t notice the little water symbol, understand that your flowers are not craving for water as of this moment.


Wilting also happens in the  Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp world. Your flowers shall never be ceased. Yet they will stop developing if not watered once they’ve reached the three-hour mark on the ground. Once a flower has grown, it will not require being watered anymore.

This only implies the idea that any flower that takes three hours or less to develop will never wilt. Orange, red and yellow pansies and tulips are in the clear.

Unique and rare flowers that take more time to develop. Pink tulips, in an instance, takes four hours to finish developing. They shall stop developing and wilt one hour before they’re likely to be done if not sprinkled with water once they’re present on the ground for three hours.

Now that the flower has been sprinkled with water, it shall transform back into a fitly developing plant and the timer, which shall have halt while the flower has wilted, shall resume automatically.

So in general, no flower will die, but those who have wilt shall pause their development till they’ve been sprinkled with water again. After they’ve been watered again, the countdown shall resume again with the time remaining before it’s fully grown.

Continue Planting and Growing

If you’re keeping a stock of yellow and red tulips and pansies and not performing cross-pollination in each one of them, you’re beginning off on the right way. Finally, you will obtain so many common flowers that it’ll be a lot smoother for you to perform cross-pollination. The more common flowers you keep on a stock, the more you’ll be prepared to kill them for a better tomorrow.

In addition, Lloid shall sell you big amounts of the same flower, even the common ones. For an instance, 40 red tulips shall obtain you an adorable floral polar bear. What a nice trade, right?

Our last words would be, “Keep calm and garden on!”. Remember that slow and steady shall help you win the race.

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