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PhoneRescue For iOS Review – Everything You Need To Know About

PhoneRescue For iOS Review - Everything You Need To Know About




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PhoneRescue is software developed by a company called iMobie Inc. The idea behind this software is to give mobile phone users, especially iOS users a tool that can help them to recover deleted or lost data. Apart from that, there are other aspects of the PhoneRescue program that makes it a handy tool for everyone. iMobie provides a free trial on its website, and you can try it out.

In this article, I will explain everything that you need to know about PhoneRescue, how safe it is to use on your mobile phone, and where you can download it. PhoneRescue software boasts of being able to recover up to 31 kinds of data and files, and that is quite amazing considering the fact that most recovery software can only boast of 10 to 12 types of data.

It has an intuitive interface which makes it easier to retrieve your data. This is one of the reasons why PhoneRescue is arguably the best recovery tool for mobile phones that you can find right now.

Apart from the fact that you can use the software tool to recover deleted messages and call history. It has also been proven that you can PhoneRescue to retrieve iPhone pictures, music, voicemail, browser bookmarks and chat history. To make it more exciting and impressive, you can make use of this iPhone data recovery software to retrieve data from third-party apps that you have on your mobile device. That’s quite amazing!

There is no need to be upset about losing data if your device is damaged, misplaced or maybe you carried out an upgrade, and it was not successful. I can assure you that PhoneRescue will help you to recover all your important files and data.

How Safe Is PhoneRescue

You do not need to be scared of using PhoneRescue on your mobile device; this is because the software is quite safe. Moreover, you can be sure that the software will not cause any damage to the operating system of your device. The scanning procedure of PhoneRescue uses only read-only methods, and this means that your existing device data won’t be tampered. Once you launch the software, it will ask for your permission to have access to your iCloud. Although, it’s always safe and reasonable to backup your device before you start using any data recovery program.

The PhoneRescue software provides three major types of iOS data recovery. You are allowed to carry out a direct scan of your device by connecting it to your PC and then transfer the data to your desktop but only personal files (such as contacts, call details, messages, notes) and other media files including Audios and Videos of App data can be retrieved directly to your iOS device.

However, it’s important to point out that you can only use this method if your mobile device is still functional. This means that if your device cannot switch on, then you will need to use another method.

If you misplace your device or it got stolen, you can use the software to copy backup files from your most recent iTunes backup from your computer. If the files are locked or encrypted, all you need to do is type in your Apple ID passcode, and you will be able to access the files.

The third effective way of using iPhoneRescue is to access the most recent backup that you have on your iCloud account. Do not forget that this can only work if you have a backup that has been saved and synced with your mobile device before the data loss.

Another advantage of PhoneRescue is that it allows you to go through your data and click on the ones that are important to you. This saves more time and storage space when carrying out the recovery process.

Although there is a free trial that you can download, it’s also important to point out that you will not be allowed to recover iPhone pictures and data with it. The idea behind the free trial is just to make you see whether the software is compatible with your device and how user-friendly it is.

PhoneRescue is quite expensive, but considering the feature that it offers, it’s definitely worth purchasing. Also, you can use the software on three local computers, so you can be sure that you are getting the real value for your money.

There is also the FAQ section on the company’s website that will handle any issue that you come across while using the software. Considering the advantages and the minor drawback, PhoneRescue is definitely one of the good ones that you can use to recover lost pictures and files on iOS devices.



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