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Samsung Galaxy J5 SIM Size Info

Samsung Galaxy J5 SIM Size Info

For those that are thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy J5, you may want to know what kind of SIM card this new Samsung smartphone takes.
It’s important to know the type of SIM card the Galaxy J5 will take as it’ll let you know the phone function and cellular data connection of the mobile carrier can be used. Since there are three different SIM card types on the market and these are unfortunately mutually incompatible. The Samsung Galaxy J5 takes a Nano-SIM card only.
The Samsung Galaxy J5 requires a Nano Sim Card
If you actually have a Standard- or Micro Sim card, then you have now the following options to get a Nano Sim Card:
SIM card with nano-perforation
This is the easiest option. Just press the Nano sim card along the perforation out from the existing sim card.
SIM card without nano-perforation
If you have a SIM card without nano-perforation, you can use a “SIM card cutter.” The SIM card cutter for Samsung Galaxy J5 will cut out the correct format from your old SIM card and make it work with the Galaxy J5. It’s important to note that if you use a SIM card cutter and by mistake cut the wrong section of the SIM card, it can’t be used with either your old smartphone or any other smartphone as the SIM card will have become damaged.
If you dont want to use the sim card cutter method, another option would be to just ask your wireless carrier to provide you with a new SIM card that will work the both the Samsung Galaxy J5.

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