Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Overheating? – Solution

Is your Galaxy Note 8 overheating? We’ve found many other users to have this problem with their Galaxy Note 8. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this problem. The exact cause of the overheating problem can differ, so we would suggest reading through this guide until you have found the exact cause.

We will list some fixes you can run by your device – hopefully one of them will fix the overheating problem. Follow the guide below to learn how to fix the overheating problem on the Galaxy Note 8.


How to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 overheating problem with these solutions:

  • In a lot of cases, overheating can be caused by a third party app that’s malfunctioning. To check, reboot to safe mode. To do this, hold the power button down, then hold the on-screen power button and you’ll be given an option to Reboot to Safe Mode. Once rebooted, you’ll see safe mode in the corner. If the problem is fixed, you’ll know it’s a third party app causing the problem. Track down the app, or delete them all with a factory reset.


  • Before factory resetting, you may find that clearing the cache partition will actually be a better option. You can clear the cache partition to wipe cache of all apps and software at once. (Learn how to clear the Samsung Note 8 cache). For more guidance, turn off your Note 8, then hold down the PowerVolume up, and Homebuttons together. When the Samsung logo appears, let go. Next, scroll through the menu with the volume buttons and highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’ Use the power button to select it.


  • No luck? You may want to try the Vitamins for Samsung Mobile app to see if this can fix the issue.



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