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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Using Calculator Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Using Calculator Feature

Are you interested in finding out how to use the calculator on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? In this article we’ll explain to you how you can use the calculator app and access advanced calculation features and much more. The Galaxy Note 8 has two different calculators built into one.
There is the basic standard calculator is great for doing fast math and then there is the advanced calculator that can be used for scientific calculations and other more complex mathematics. Thankfully, both of these calculators are available as soon as you use the Galaxy Note 8 for the first.
The easiest way to get access to the calculator app is to create a widget that links to it. To do that, hold on the homescreen and then find the widgets option. Scroll through the widgets until your find calculator.
Tap and hold your finger on the calculator option and then drag it to a free space on your home screen. You’ll now have instant access to the calculator app!
How To Use Calculator On Samsung Galaxy Note 8
If you’d like to the scientific calculator just turn the screen into the landscape position. If you want the simple calculator, reverse the Note 8 into the portrait position. If your Galaxy Note 8 isn’t rotating it’s screen, check the status bar to see if the rotate feature is turned on. If it’s not turned on, tap to turn it on and then return to the calculator app.
Hopefully this guide has helped you to use the calculator app built into the Galaxy Note 8.

Moving App Icons On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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