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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Drivers for Windows and Mac

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Drivers for Windows and Mac

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is soon to be launched into the market have a lot of functionality but to realize the full extent of all these functions, users will need to install some drivers for Windows as well as Mac.
Installing these drivers onto your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device allows you to connect to the PC and transfer and share any files including photos, videos and music. But that will be dependent upon the correct Samsung Galaxy Note 9 drivers that you install.
Drivers are also necessary for debugging certain apps or when you tweak your smartphone through custom recovery or rooting to connect with Fastboot and ADB tools. There are links online for you to download Android SDK Platform tools for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Even before the first shipment of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, folks were already readying their computers for connection with the Galaxy Note 9 that they were hoping to purchase soon afterwards.
This post might have found you with the Galaxy Note 9 already which is much better because now you can try out this tutorial in reality. The best thing is that for those who previously owned a Samsung Galaxy model and were able to create a connection with their PCs, then it wouldn’t be necessary to download any more drivers for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Note that the new flagship Galaxy Note 9 come with the C-port USB Type and the Oreo android version which is the latest Android version for any smartphone. Such a combination of USB type and android has existent before and proven to be a problem especially when you try to connect your smartphone to a Mac OS computer.
It is a necessity to use the correct and compatible USB drivers to have a successful connection between your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and your Mac/PC. If you manage to have the right drivers, you will be able to enjoy the experience of using a variety of software that can flash system partition and manually install firmware. Such software include the ODIN software.
You can browse through the Samsung webpage to see if there are any latest drivers that you can download for the Galaxy Note 9 for different OS platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It should be understood that these drivers are purposely meant to help your smartphone be recognized by the computer.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Drivers for Windows

If you are going for the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 drivers, you will note that they are always bundled with the Samsung Smart Switch which you can download and install for Windows. Alternatively, you can decide to connect your smartphone to PC then hope that it will be recognized either through MTP or PC drivers that are pre-installed. Luckily, any smartphone running on android Oreo will come with the android MTP drivers installed.

Opting For KIES

Another connection that would have been highly preferable would be the KIES but it is disappointing that KIES is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but in its palace is the Smart Switch feature that works nearly in the same manner.
When should you choose to install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 drivers or use the Smart Switch feature? In our view, these alternatives should come into play if your smartphone fails to be recognized after connecting it to the PC. For simple tasks such as the transfer of media, the original USB cable should suffice.
For those who would like to use the drivers to connect their Galaxy Note 9 to their Windows PC, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. We begin by downloading the required Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB drivers then install these drivers on the windows PC.
  2. Once the USB drivers have been downloaded, you need to now download the Smart Switch which also helps in transfer of files between different devices.
  3. Now what is remaining is to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to the windows PC using a USB Type C cable.
  4. Give the PC time to recognize your device then setup or install the necessary drivers and files.
  5. At this point, several apps will start installing on your device and as soon they finish installing, go to My Computer or This PC to locate your Galaxy Note 9.
  6. When you see your device in the windows explore screen, double tap on it and you will be ready to start navigating through it on your Windows PC.

With this connection, you should have an easy time transferring music, photos, videos and other relevant files between your Windows PC and your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Alternative: Transfer Galaxy Note 9 Files to Windows with HandShaker

Besides the above featured method for transferring files between your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and other devices including your Windows PC, there are other alternative third party options that you can exploit. Amongst all the options that we came across, the HandShaker proved to be quite unique and highly resourceful. Besides being easy to use, this application works in the same exact manner as the Android file manager. Moreover, the HandShaker has a very impressive User Interface which makes it easy to browse through videos, photos and downloads among other files on your Galaxy Note 9 Android smartphone.
How to use HandShaker? Follow the quick steps below

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the HandShaker app
  2. Download and install the app on your Galaxy Note 9
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions on how to proceed further from here

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB Drivers for Mac

Connecting your Mac PC to the Note 9 is quite simple. If you have used a Mac PC for long you shouldn’t have any problems. This can be a result of the small utility provided by Google. This utility allows a cross-interaction between Android and any other OS devices. If you previously used the Google Pixel or Nexus, you should be familiar with what we are talking about even if you are a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user.

Android File Transfer

There is also a free utility that Google provides for Mac OS. This utility, the Android File Transfer, enables users to connect any Android device (Galaxy Note 9 users in this case) to Mac PC to transfer files.
Although many people think that Android FileTransfer is outdated or lacks some features, it is still valuable in the sense that it gets the job done quick and clean.
But as we have mentioned before, there are a lot of issues between the Android File Transfer and the Oreo+ operated Android devices. If you haven’t come across these issues, you only need to ask a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL user and you will be pity their woes.
But there is always a solution from Recomhub and our research came in handy as we were able to unearth an alternative method that would enable you to connect to Mac OS without any problem. This is the same HandShaker app that we mentioned earlier on. This section describes how to use HandShaker app connect your Galaxy Note 9 to the Mac OS.
Before we go any further, just check to ensure you have your Galaxy Note 9 and a USB-C type cable then follow the quick steps provided below:

  1. Download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac PC
  2. For Mac OS users; you also have to download and install the Smart Switch on your PC.
  3. Connect your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone with your Mac PC and a USB-C cable.
  4. Let the PC recognize your smartphone which usually takes very few seconds.
  5. Android File Transfer window will automatically open up with your internal phone memory directories.

KIES downloaded from Samsung website can enable you browse your internal storage to safely and easily transfer files.

Alternative: Transfer Galaxy Note 9 Files to Mac with HandShaker

As we mentioned, you can also use HandShaker app to connect your Galaxy Note 9 to the Mac OS PC. Using the HandShaker on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Mac PC is the same as Windows PC. As you will see below, the steps are quite similar.

  1. Download and install the HandShaker app for Mac OS on your Mac PC
  2. Also download the same HandShaker Android app and install it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  3. Go through the onscreen instructions to complete the setup

As easy as that and you will be through with connecting Note 9 with Windows PC or Mac OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ADB / Fastboot Drivers for Windows & Mac

We all like experimenting with new things. For those who are into software development and those who consider themselves developers, there are certain elements that are very significant in testing, debugging and installing of custom ROMs on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Such features include the ADB and Fastboot driver tools which you must install and run on your PC. There are plenty of tutorial online on how to set up Fastboot and ADB tools using Android SDK or Android Studio on Mac and Windows.

Organize Quick Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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