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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Deactivate “Show Pictures Immediately After Recording”

Have you noticed that whenever you take a picture with the camera on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the image will pop up on your screen immediately? This is a default setting from the factory, but it does not mean you cannot change it if you do not find the option helpful.

It is a feature that can be enabled and disabled so welcome to the tutorial on how to deactivate ‘’Show Pictures Immediately’’ feature on the Galaxy Note 9.

Not a huge fan of the picture you just took popping up on your screen immediately? You are not alone. Imagine you want to take ten pictures and you have to clear your screen ten times. This is very annoying and we are here to help you disable the feature.

You probably want to save more time when taking a series of pictures without being interrupted after every picture. It is not too much to ask for multiple pictures in a row without interruption. Thankfully, this process is very easy.

How To Deactivate “Show Pictures Immediately After Recording” On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9
  2. Launch the Camera app
  3. Access the camera settings
  4. Locate the Review Pictures/Videos option
  5. Toggle the slider to OFF
  6. Exit the settings and take a series of pictures

You will notice that the pictures taken after disabling the feature will not come up on the screen of your Galaxy Note 9. What are you waiting for? Follow the instructions and get rid of the annoying feature so you can start taking multiple photos without stress.