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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Receiving Text Messages (Solved)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Receiving Text Messages (Solved)

One of the major aspects of smartphones available everywhere in the world right now is the text messaging aspect. The Text message app is one of the important apps that we use on our smartphones every day.
Your Samsung Galaxy S9 has a preloaded text message app that has been designed to cater for all your texting tasks. However, some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have been complaining of experiencing issues with the text message app on their Samsung smartphone.
The major issue is that there are owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that are finding it impossible to send or receive text messages on their smartphone. This issue can be very annoying especially when you think you’ve sent a message to someone and you are waiting for them to reply to discover later that the person did not receive the message.
This issue always occurs when you are trying to send a message to a contact that is using a non-Apple smartphone like Android, Blackberry, and some others. You can also be finding it difficult to receive text messages from someone that is using an Apple iPhone.
You can be experiencing this problem because you were using iMessage on your Apple smartphone before you got a Samsung Galaxy S9 and you then transferred the SIM card to the Samsung smartphone. If you are experiencing issues like this on your Samsung Galaxy S9, and you will like to know how you can solve it, you should continue to read this article.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Receiving Text Messages

  1. You will need to put the SIM card back into the iPhone
  2. Make sure that the Apple iPhone is connected to a data network
  3. Locate Settings on your iPhone, click on Message and then deactivate iMessage

Once you have followed the steps above, you should start receiving text messages on your Samsung Galaxy S9.
Alternatively, you can visit this site to Deregister iMessage and deactivate the iMessage feature, this option comes in handy if you do not have your Apple iPhone with you or maybe it got stolen. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and then locate the option that says “no longer have your iPhone?” once you get to the deregister iMessage page.
You will see a box where you can type in your phone number, do that and then select your region. A code will be sent to the number provided, and you can then type the code in the field that says “Enter confirmation code” and then click on the Submit option. Once you have don’t that, you should be able to receive text messages on your Samsung Galaxy S9 from any smartphone.

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