Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S9 Get Hot

There are owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that have been complaining that their device gets extremely hot sometimes.
The main reason why your Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting extremely hot is that of constant use over an extended period. The power consumption of the features on your Samsung Galaxy S9 sometimes varies. The reason why you are experiencing overheating problem on your Samsung Galaxy S9 is that you are using some apps that are consuming a large amount of power.
There are apps that require large processing power to function correctly; these apps are always the usual suspects of your Samsung Galaxy S9 overheating.
Overheating is the main cause of device freezing and later crashing. The safest and easiest way to fix this issue is to leave your Samsung Galaxy S9 to cool for a while before using it again.
However, some users have complained that even after leaving the Samsung Galaxy S9 to cool off, as soon as they pick it up, it starts getting hot again. If you are experiencing this particular issue on your Samsung Galaxy S9, then there are ways that you can use to fix it.

Third-party Apps Causing Overheating on Samsung Galaxy S9

One of the major causes of overheating on Samsung Galaxy S9 is the third-party apps that you downloaded from your app store. To be certain about this, you can put your Samsung Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode and try to use it for a while. If it works perfectly in Safe Mode and does not overheat, then it is time to uninstall some apps!
The work of the Safe Mode option is to allow you to run your Samsung Galaxy S9 without the third-party apps. Only preloaded apps will be available in Safe Mode. This will give you the chance to identify the issue that is affecting your device.

Steps to enter Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. You will first need to power off your Galaxy S9
  2. Then you will touch and hold the Power key and the Power Off key until you see the text  Reboot to Safe Mode
  3. You can then tap on Restart.
  4. “Safe Mode” will display at the corner of your screen to confirm that you have activated the Safe Mode option.

You can also use this complete guide on activating Safe Mode on your Galaxy S9.

Factory reset

If the overheating issue continues on your Samsung Galaxy S9 after you have used the Safe Mode method, then you should try to carry out a factory reset.
However, it’s important to let you know that this method will delete everything that you have on your Samsung Galaxy S9 including contacts, pictures and all. So, it is advisable to make sure that you backup all your important files before you commence this process.
This will make sure that you do not lose important files because you can always restore from the backup after you have completed the process.
Before you begin this process, I will suggest that you try to wipe the cache partition of your Samsung Galaxy S9. (Learn how to clear the Galaxy S9 cache).

  1. You will need to power off your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Touch and hold these three keys at the same time: Power key, Volume up, and Home key
  3. As soon as the Samsung logo shows, release your hand from the keys
  4. This will put your Samsung Galaxy S9 in recovery mode
  5. A menu will appear, and you can use the Volume down to navigate
  6. Locate the option named wipe cache partition
  7. You can then select the option by using the Power key

After the process has been completed, tap on reboot system now and use the Power key to confirm

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