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Samsung Galaxy S9 Heats Up And Creates Weird Sounds

Samsung Galaxy S9 Heats Up And Creates Weird Sounds

Is your Samsung Galaxy S9 emitting too much heat or making strange noises? If either of these issues is bothering your Galaxy S9, then this post is for you. We will introduce you to potential fixes that will easily solve the overheating problem that is affecting your Galaxy S9.

Overheating issues can be a cause for concern both physically and with the internal system of your smartphone components so the earlier you fix it, the better.

Solution to Galaxy S9 Emitting Too Much Heat

The first place to start is to check whether any installed apps are contributing to the overheating of your Samsung Galaxy S9. To perform this process, you will need to boot your device into Safe Mode. When you have successfully transitioned to Safe Mode, no third party apps can function.

This means that if an installed app is the cause of the overheating problem, it will be unable to function while your device is in Safe Mode.

Once you’re in Safe Mode, you can scroll through the app menu, identify, and delete any apps that were installed via Google Play Store. You can perform a factory reset to get rid of all your third-party apps at once. It is important to note that you will also be deleting all device data when you perform a factory reset on your smartphone.

To ensure that you do not lose your device data, be sure to backup your files before undergoing the factory reset process.

Sometimes, the process can be quite simple. You might simply need to wipe your phone’s cache to fix any overheating problems. Before performing a factory reset on your device, you should first try to perform a cache wipe.

Once you have switched off your Galaxy S9 and successfully booted into recovery mode, you can use the power and volume buttons to navigate through the menus and submenus as well as select options within each menu.

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