Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Turn ON And OFF Preview Message

One thing that impresses most about message shortcuts is the ability to preview some of the contents of a message without opening the message itself. The ability to preview messages on your Samsung Galaxy S9 is impressive and the best part is that you can actually preview a message with the lock screen on. But you can only enjoy this feature by enabling it in the notification bar of your Samsung Galaxy S9. If you ever feel the need to take a peep at your message in public where someone might be waiting to read your message as soon as you open it fully, you need to try the message preview feature.

The preview message feature saves you a lot of time. But in some instances, it can be a breach of privacy because someone else can get an idea of your message’s content by reading the preview without having to unlock your device. The good news is that enabling and disabling the preview message feature is a reversible process so you can make do with it if you really want to or you can do away with it if you don’t really require it. This is possible by turning it ON or OFF from your notification bar settings.

The steps below provide a simplified guide on how to turn on and off the preview message feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Enable and Disable Message Preview

  1. Before we begin, we would ask that you switch on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. Go to your home screen then tap on Settings to access the Galaxy S9 settings
  3. In your Galaxy S9 settings, tap on the Messages from the Applications settings
  4. When the Messages section is brought up, select on Notifications
  5. Tap on the Preview Messages settings under the Notifications section
  6. In this new window, you have the Status bar and the Lock Screen options
  7. Tap on any of these options to enable or disable the preview message feature on it

When everything is set, a tick should be visible in the active box when you initiate a preview message action. Making use of the preview message depends on the level of privacy you would like to maintain with your messages. If you don’t ever want a prying eye to have a glimpse of your message, then you might need to disable it on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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