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Samsung Note 8 Charging Port Not Working

Samsung Note 8 Charging Port Not Working

Have you ever experienced having trouble charging your smartphone? Can’t find the reason why all of a sudden you cannot charge your phone anymore? Here are some of the reasons or causes of why you are experiencing that kind of problem.

Before buying or replacing your USB cable or charging cable, if you clearly think that’s the reason of trouble, you must try first to solve the issues on your own by following some of the suggested or recommended solutions in fixing the port of your charging cable. Below are some of the common causes your Galaxy Note 8 charging port is not working properly.

  • There must be a broken, bent or pushed in connectors on the battery or on device
  • The phone must be defective
  • The battery must be damaged
  • The charger cable must be defective
  • There was a temporary problem on the phone
  • The phone must be defective

Check the Charging Cables

The very first thing you must check if your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not charging, is the cable of the charger. Before you decide to buy another charger cable, you have to check if the cable is damaged or is not properly inserted into your Note 8. It may be because of the USB cable, so try to use other USB cable just to verify if that’s the issue of your problem. If you have confirmed that the USB cable is the problem, it’s time to buy a new cable charger!

Check if the USB Port is Clean

Another reason to look into is that the USB port is not clean, there must be a small dirt, debris or lint that makes it impossible for the USB cable to connect. In order to fix this problem, you must use a needle or a small paper click to clean it by moving it around the port of the USB charging cable to get all the dirt out. Remember that you should be very careful in doing this so that the damage won’t get worse. Because this is usually the main reason or issue why your Galaxy Note 8 is not working when charging.

Try to Reset the Samsung Note 8

If the problem has not been solved thru hardware troubleshooting, try to troubleshoot the software part by rebooting the system. It may temporarily fix the issue but it doesn’t necessarily fix the issue on charging the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Seek for Technical Support

If you have tried doing everything listed above and still none of it has fixed your problem on charging your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is highly recommended that you should seek and look for a Samsung technician to have your phone check. If the problem cannot be fixed or proven that it is defective, then the Samsung will replace your phone if it still under the warranty.

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