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What to Do if Your Sony TV Keeps Changing Input by Itself

What to Do if Your Sony TV Keeps Changing Input by Itself

Depending on the model of your Sony TV model, it should have anywhere from three to five source inputs.

At the very least, you probably have your cable box hooked up to one of the inputs. So, what if your Sony TV suddenly changes inputs on its own?

Rest easy as it’s probably not haunted. Find out how to troubleshoot this problem and see if there’s a straightforward fix.

Solution 1 – Check the MHL Cable

Before you jump to any conclusion, let’s focus on the problem as reported by Sony. About 10 years ago, Sony, along with Nokia, developed Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL).

It’s a unique type of HDMI cable that’s able to connect your TV to a smart mobile device. This technology is now somewhat archaic, considering that it does basically the same thing as Chromecast, though it’s still in use.

In any event, those who use the included MHL cable have purportedly experienced sudden input changes. If you’re using the MHL cable, you need to access the settings and attempt to fix this problem. Here’s what you do:

  1. Grab your Sony TV remote and click on the “Home” key.
  2. Now choose “Settings,” followed by “External Inputs.” In some models, you might need to choose “TV Category” first and then “External Inputs.”
  3. Click on “Bravia Sync.”
  4. Choose “Auto Input Change (MHL).”
  5. Click on “Off.”

That’s all there is to it. Go back and check if the problem continues. In most cases, the MHL cable is the leading cause of unexplained input changes on the Sony TVs that have the connector.

Sony TV Keeps Changing Input by Itself

Solution 2 – Update Sony TV Firmware

Another potential cause for sudden input switching on a Sony TV could be that it requires a software update. If glitches like that have been reported, it’s possible that Sony has taken action to fix it.

But you’ll need to check if the new firmware is available for user updating. To do that, you should make sure that your TV is connected to the internet. Then follow these steps:

  1. Use your remote to navigate on your Sony TV menu and select “Help.”
  2. Then choose “Customer Support,” followed by “Software Update.”
  3. Then choose “Network” and press “OK” to start the update installation.

Keep in mind that some Sony TV models might not have the option to search for a firmware update. They can only receive automatic updates. Make sure to browse through the settings menu and make sure that the option to receive automatic updates is on.

Sony TV

Solution 3 – Reset Your Sony TV

In most cases, especially when you’re dealing with a new Sony TV, all the little bugs and glitches can be solved with a simple reboot.

No matter how annoying, it’s likely not a significant issue that would require repair. Here’s how you can reset your Sony TV:

  1. Turn off your Sony TV.
  2. Make sure that the power cable is unplugged from the outlet.
  3. Leave it disconnected for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Now, plug the power cable back in and turn on the TV.

At this point, make sure that you have more than one device connected to the Sony TV’s inputs. That’s so you can test and see whether the problem has been solved by changing the input and leaving it on one input for several minutes.

Sony TV Keeps Changing Input

Solution 4 – Check the Remote

Since the remote is where you can change the source input on your Sony TV, it’s reasonable to consider that it’s where the problem stems from.

There can be any number of reasons for your remote to be acting out. Low batteries are probably not the reason but just to be safe, you can put in new batteries and see if anything changes.

A more likely reason is that the “Source” button on your remote is jammed or stuck. This often happens if enough debris got into the remote. Things like sugar, crumbs, and other sticky stuff could also do this.

If that’s the case, carefully clean your remote without getting it wet. You can also try another infrared remote to see if the issue indeed lies with the remote.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Entertainment on Your Sony TV

Sony TVs are of excellent quality, and that’s why so many people choose to bring them home. However, like any modern electronics, they’re not perfect and may come with small errors, bugs, and other minor annoyances.

But if your Sony TV has a mind of its own in choosing the input that it wants to be on, that’s usually solvable as outlined above.

Has your Sony TV ever tried to change input by itself? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Paul Jarvis says:
My Sony Smart TV is a waste of money its sound quality is poor it regularly switches to internet or chromecast by itself . it is slow to respond to commands it ignores channel changes and requires a second input. The text loading takes an age. it takes longer to come on than a valve TV . It quite frankly is a bag of rubbish. after a lifetime of Sony products I will never buy a Sony another product again

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