How To Buy a Spotify Gift Card

What better gift for a birthday or Christmas than the gift of music? With Spotify counting its users in the millions, chances are the person you’re buying for is one of them if they are under 40. If that’s the case, a Spotify gift card could be the perfect present or the easiest one depending on your point of view!

Spotify offer their own gift cards for a range of dollar amounts but there are also other sources of the cards. As you can receive Spotify gift cards via email, many other outlets offer them for sale. Prices are usually the same but if you’re a customer of one of these outlets, there is no need to register with Spotify to buy one.

Here are a few places you can buy a Spotify gift card.


The logical place to buy a Spotify gift card is surely Spotify themselves. They offer gift cards that are emailed to you or an address you specify. You can also schedule the delivery for the actual day the gift is required too if you like.

The basic card is a simple purchase but you also get the option to customize it as a gift. You can select from a number of card designs, add names, a message and then preview it before you send. This extra customization adds a little something to the gift I think and would go down much better than an email code.


Everyone’s favorite discount retailer sells Spotify gift cards. Even though the website doesn’t work outside the US, if you use a VPN to access Spotify, you can use it to access the Target website. The card is emailed to an address of your choice and is available as $10 cards. The website isn’t the slickest buying experience ever but it does get the job done. You can buy the cards in some stores too apparently.


eBay is a good source of Spotify gift cards and there are literally hundreds of them at all different prices. There are hundreds of sellers all offering gift card, premium accounts and all sorts. A year’s subscription costs as little as $20 while a gift card is available at a whole range of prices.

Be aware of those premium accounts though. Some of them are resold multiple times, some are stolen and some just don’t work. Some of them do work and are totally legit but you don’t know which is which until it’s too late. As always when using eBay, check the seller’s feedback before buying!

Best Buy

Best Buy also sells Spotify gift cards among many other cards. Prices range from $10 to $60 and are available to US buyers only. You can buy in store or online where the card will be mailed to you rather than emailed. It is the physical card you’re buying here, not just an email code. While it makes no difference to the end experience, a physical item works better for a gift than an email containing a code. Well I think so anyway.


Amazon sells Spotify gift cards through its reseller program. Depending on which seller you select you can buy a physical gift card or an email code. Read the product description carefully when selecting your card as some of them are not clear which is which. If the description doesn’t tell you, check the Q&A section as someone else has likely already asked.

Other outlets

There are many other places to buy a Spotify gift card, some in the mall and others online. Just be aware of who you’re buying from. Use your usual checks to make sure the company you’re buying the card from is legit and that they offer fault resolution and customer services. While the cards work flawlessly most of the time, the one time you don’t want anything going wrong is when it is a gift.

How to use a Spotify gift card

If you are the lucky recipient of a Spotify gift card, how do you redeem it? It is very straightforward actually, log into Spotify and enter the code on the card or in the email.

  1. Log into Spotify and then navigate to this redeem page.
  2. Enter the code in the email or on the back of the gift card.
  3. Select Redeem and the amount should be credited to your account.

If you already have premium subscription, your payments are automatically paused until the card has been used. Then your payment should automatically begin once more so you don’t miss out.

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