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Switching OFF Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Sound

Switching OFF Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Sound

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a compelling camera with high megapixel quality. A frequently asked question about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is how to switch off the Note 8 camera sound when it shutters. Some people find this sound annoying and sometimes you just don’t want anybody to know you are taking a selfie.

For Note 8 users located in the United States, it is illegal to switch off your camera sound, because the law states mobile devices with digital cameras must make a sound when taking a picture. Below is a guide on how to switch off the camera sound on the Galaxy Note 8 and how to reduce the camera sound on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How to mute or reduce the volume of your Galaxy Note 8

You can always turn off the camera sound on your Note 8 by muting it or reducing the volume of the sound to the lowest level. You can do this by pressing the “volume down” button on the side of Note 8 until the phone goes into vibrate mode. Putting the camera sound on mute will ensure that the camera does not make a sound when taking a picture.

Using headphones is not effective

Another effective way to turn off the camera sound on the smartphones that does not work on Galaxy Note 8 is to plug in your headphones. This means that the sound will come out of the headphones instead of your smartphone. This does not work on Note 8 because the device separates media audio (music, videos) from notification sounds, so the camera shutter sound will still be heard loudly.

Download a third party camera app

An alternative way of switching off the Samsung Note 8 camera sound is by downloading a third-party camera app from Google Play Store.

There are several camera apps that do not make a camera shutter sound that you can use as an alternative option whenever you want to take a selfie on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 quietly.

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