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The 10 Most Popular Science and Education YouTube Channels

The 10 Most Popular Science and Education YouTube Channels

The Internet isn’t just for fun. There’s plenty of inspiring and educational content you can find, especially on YouTube. Many scientists, teachers, students, and other professionals share their knowledge with others via this platform, and in the most interesting ways imaginable!

If you’re hungry for knowledge, we suggest you take a look at the most popular science and education YouTube channels we’ve selected. There’s so much to learn!

Most Popular Science and Education YouTube Channels

Our Recommendation


One of the most popular YouTube channels dedicated to science, SciShow has over six million followers hooked on interesting scientific secrets. For instance, do you know about the animal that can’t breathe oxygen? Or that we may finally have reached the end of the road with physics?

These interesting videos last no longer than 15 minutes, with new ones posted every day. So why not join Hank, Olivia and Michael and enjoy scientific adventures explained in a fun and simple way?

Runner Up

Today I Found Out

Today I Found Out is precisely what the title says – every day the site provides a new, cool fact you probably didn’t know before. The channel has over two million subscribers and posts short, attention-grabbing videos.

Simon Whistler, the channel’s host, ensures his videos are a mix of entertainment and education. If you’d like to know why you can’t mix different blood types or if Beethoven was really deaf when he composed some of his best pieces of music, sit back and enjoy.

Everyone Else


Are you interested in space? Have you ever thought about how long it would take to travel to the Milky Way? Or how the planets got their names?

Unveiled is the place where you’ll find the answer to these questions. With short videos, posted every two to three days, the channel’s authors will tell you all about asteroids and black holes, the human body, climate changes, tornados, DNA, etc. All the mysteries of the world are now – unveiled.



Veritasium tackles the most interesting of life’s mysteries, from why we fail in our New Year’s resolutions to the Butterfly Effect and making liquid nitrogen. Of course, you probably shouldn’t do some things at home, but it sure doesn’t hurt to watch.

If you’re interested in psychology, physics, space, chemistry, and more, this channel with almost seven million subscribers will certainly keep you busy. There are new videos posted weekly, and if you happen to speak Spanish and you want to practice it too, this channel is also available in Spanish!

Khan Academy

Having been around for almost 15 years, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers. The team’s goal is to give everyone access to high-quality education. They share lots of interactive, educational videos related to different sciences, from geometry and engineering to literature and history.

Note that the channel isn’t only aimed at students but teachers and parents as well. There are new videos posted daily, which are all easily accessible in playlists within the channel.

National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic doesn’t need any introduction. Almost 14 million people follow this channel on YouTube, and you should, too.

Check out the About section to see the posting schedule and follow your favorite topics. The NG channel provides you with all you’ve ever wanted to know about exploration, science, and adventure. From bird watching to stories about the cosmos, from brain games to Bear Grylls’ survival adventures. Whatever you choose, you’ll spend your free time learning new and useful information about the natural world.

Science Channel

As the channel name says, it’s all about science here – almost anything you can imagine. Do you want to know about Mars? Check. How about learning the secrets of the underwater world? Check. Street science and your favorite science myths decoded? Check!

You can learn all about different scientific exploration, earth science, new technologies, outer space, and much more. The channel has over three million subscribers and posts around two new videos a week. Are we alone in the universe? Can you barricade a door with furniture? Check the Science Channel to find out!



With over 11 million subscribers, TedEd is the leading YouTube education channel for a reason. Every two days, you can enjoy new videos on a wide variety of topics, from psychology and chemistry to engineering and history.

With great visuals and dynamic narration, the short ten-minute videos will undoubtedly grab your attention. Created in collaboration with world-class educators, once you create your first playlist, you won’t be able to stop.

ASAP Science

ASAP science features unique short science videos with cool illustrations that look like drawings on a whiteboard. You get super easy explanations on anything related to the human body and brain, all in concise ten-minute videos, updated a couple of times a month.

Would you like to know how a lack of sleep affects your body? What happens when your body freezes to death? This channel has the answers.


The fact that Michael Stevens, the channel creator, has over 15 million subscribers speaks for itself. Michael started the VSauce channel in 2010, and since that, he’s gained the trust of millions worldwide thanks to his easy to understand, engaging, and attention-grabbing science videos.

If you’re interested in math, physics, cosmos, and all kinds of other random things, this channel is definitely for you. Michael will give you answers to questions like – what’s the brightest thing in the universe, what if the sun disappeared, or will we ever run out of new music?

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