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The New iOS 11.3 vs. Android Oreo: Who Wins?

The New iOS 11.3 vs. Android Oreo: Who Wins?

The battle between the two biggest mobile operating systems definitely rages on with the newly updated iOS 11.3 and Android Oreo! Smartphones, thanks to Android and Apple’s iOS, just keep getting smarter. Who are you going to pick in this round?

Android 8.0 Oreo And iOS 11.3 Officially Released

As most Android fanatics continue to twiddle their thumbs waiting for Android Oreo to be available on their devices, Apple beat them to it by officially releasing iOS 11.3 on Thursday (March 29, 2018). One major advantage iOS has over Android (no one can refute this fact, I’m sure) is the ease with which they can deliver updates to their users. Obviously, Android doesn’t have an easy time of it. What with the dozen or so manufacturers who will all have to do their tweakings and customizing before an OS update or a new version can be compatible with their devices.

Unfortunately, you can expect that only the more recent models of Android devices can be guaranteed to receive the betas for Android Oreo. Like the other Android releases we have seen in the past, the tweaks and updates target the high-end Android phones we have in the market today. And you can’t blame them. The Android market is so diverse that it just wouldn’t possible for them to cater to everyone!

iOS 11.3 vs. Android 8.0

Oh, but this is a tough one. Both releases are big in many ways. Both iOS 11.3 and Android 8.0 aim to deliver better performance and to provide a more powerful device in the users’ hands.


While Apple’s iOS 11.3 gives you a better Augmented Reality experience, Android Oreo has opted for a more practical and usable display. If you are big on your mobile’s display, then Android Oreo wouldn’t be quite as fascinating as iOS 11.3 is going to be for you. Your photos wouldn’t have that wow factor, but what you do get with Android Oreo is the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature that will allow you to watch and keep tabs on two applications simultaneously.

Battery And Performance

Knowing how powerful smartphones are these days, both iOS 11.3 and Android Oreo have worked a way to give users better battery management capabilities. Admittedly enough, with the cost of the iPhones and Android phones that can use these OS updates, it can be expected that their end-users are most probably either professionals or entrepreneurs. These types of people are always on call and keeping their lines open at all times is very crucial.

Apple iOS 11.3

With iOS 11.3, Apple empowers the users with a battery management system wherein they can monitor their battery’s overall health. It is even smart enough to prompt users when their battery is in need of servicing. Moreover, the Battery Health feature can tell you just how well your battery can perform.

Android 8.0 Oreo

On the other hand, Android comes up with a management system that goes beyond monitoring. Rather than have your battery go down fast with the multiple applications you have running in the background, it minimizes the impact of background applications, making your battery last longer. While this feature will not prevent your background applications from syncing, the new OS wouldn’t let them overrun your battery either.

Other Updates

A few others updates include new emojis on Android Oreo and new animojis in iOS 11.3. Both Android Oreo and iOS 11.3 will include locations, input, and other system improvements. Nevertheless, both are definitely better than previous operating systems.

iOS 11.3 Vs. Android Oreo: Who Takes The Beef?

As initially stated in this article, this is a tough one. If you have an Android device that already has Oreo, then you are one of the lucky ones. And if you are an iPhone user checking to see whether updating your OS is a good idea, then we would definitely say yes. But as to whether iOS 11.3 better than Android Oreo – what do YOU think?

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