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How To The Lock Screen Icons On Samsung Galaxy S9 On Or Off

How To The Lock Screen Icons On Samsung Galaxy S9 On Or Off

Why do you need to use the same icons on your lock screen over and over again when you have the option of changing them and customizing the lock screen to your own personal preferences? There are many reasons why Samsung Galaxy S9 is such an expensive device to acquire. It really wouldn’t make any sense if you do not take advantage of the extra lock screen features that have been made available on it.
If you agree that there is more to your lock screen icons than what you are actually making use of, then this article is a perfect read for you because we are going to show you how you can turn on and off the lock screen icons on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. 

Customizing Your Galaxy S9’s Lockscreen Features

This guide will also delve a bit further and teach you how to familiarize yourself with the custom features made available on Galaxy S9 lock screen. By the time you are done reading this guide, you will definitely find yourself changing the lock screen icons to suit your preferences. Moreover, you will have an idea of how the weather widgets can be added to the lock screen. It can be utilized to keep you updated about the current weather conditions. The best part is that you do not need to install the weather widget but you will still be required to activate it because it is disabled by default on your Galaxy S9.
Follow the steps provided below if you are interested in learning how to the lock screen feature icons can be turned on and off as well as any other visual effects on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone device.

How To Turn On Or Off Lock Screen Icons On Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Before you can begin with the lock screen, you first need to get your Galaxy S9 turned on
  2. From your Galaxy S9 smartphone, access the Apps menu and tap on Settings
  3. Once the Settings menu opens, click on Lock Screen option
  4. This should bring up a lock screen settings window
  5. You can then enable or disable the weather widget from your lock screen as you see fit.
  6. Also, while you are still in the lock screen settings, you can set your preferred settings by checking and unchecking the relevant boxes
  7. To return to the standby mode, tap on the Digital home button

Adding Widgets To Your Galaxy S9’s Lockscreen Page

Enabling the weather widget on your lock screen will enable you to receive the latest weather updates in your local area. You can look at the weather forecast to help you plan for upcoming activities which will depend on the weather. All these will be displayed on your lock screen so you don’t need to access the web browser to find the latest weather updates.
For those who find such updates irrelevant maybe because they can tell the weather conditions or due to the fact that the weather conditions in the areas they stay do not change constantly, you might find no use for the weather widget. In such a case, you would want to disable the weather function from your lock screen. To do that, just follow the steps provided above and uncheck this option from your lock screen.

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