Who is the Top Uber Driver?

You’ve probably used Uber at least once in your life. Many people use it to commute to work and back home daily. It’s comfortable, and they don’t have to worry about parking space. That means that they get to meet many Uber drivers. Most of them are very efficient, but you certainly don’t remember every single one.

So what makes an exceptional Uber driver? What do great drivers have in common? It is a unique combination of technical knowledge and communication skills that makes you remember a particular Uber driver.

The Highest Rated Uber Driver

Although there is no official statistic of the highest rated Uber drivers around the world, one Toronto-based driver came grabbed the spotlights last year. It all started when one journalist called Uber. While he was waiting for the car, he was reading his driver’s reviews, and he was surprised to see that the driver had an incredible 4.99 rating!

This top Uber driver is called Vishwas Aggrawal, but he likes to call himself Vish. His rating becomes even more impressive when you learn that he’s been driving Uber for a couple of years now and that he had more than 5,000 rides.

Vish was born in India, where he went to university and later worked in the marketing departments of multinational companies. He admits that the job in marketing helped him learn a lot about communication, psychology, and human behavior. But that’s not all. He has a unique personality, and people recognize it.

Vish is always very polite, keeps his car super clean, and he is a great listener too. At the same time, he is highly professional and very hard-working. He works six days a week, but when he feels down, he takes a day off because he doesn’t want his mood to reflect on the customers.

who is top uber driver

What Can We Learn from Him

Vish shared some universal tips that can apply to every situation. If you are working in the customer service industry, these tips can be of great help to you. Even if you are unemployed, some of the tips can help you enhance your relationships with friends and family. Let’s see what Vish does differently.

He Calls His Customers by Their Name

It is so easy to get alienated in this modern world of ours. We spend hours surrounded by our colleagues in our offices, but there is no real conversation. Vish refuses to do his job on autopilot. Instead, he treats every customer with respect that they deserve.

He always uses their first name, and if it is difficult to pronounce, he always makes sure to pronounce it correctly. You wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes! He is doing this out of genuine interest, and as a result, his customers feel appreciated.

He Is Always in a Good Mood

Vish has a very positive attitude, and he is a very inspiring human being. He believes that each of his customers has to feel at least a little bit better when they leave his car than when they entered it. He knows that there’s nothing worse than getting in an Uber vehicle and having to deal with a grumpy driver, first thing in the morning.

However, no one is always happy and cheerful. We all have our ups and downs. Vish is not an exception. When he is having a particularly bad day, he decides not to drive. It happens rarely, but he believes that we should listen to our bodies and give ourselves a break from time to time. That’s the secret of his great mood.

the top uber driver

He Knows That the Customers Are Paying for an Experience

Vish chooses to see his job as something more meaningful than taking people from point A to point B. The safety of his passengers is his priority, and he’s an excellent, experienced driver. But there is more to it than that. He pays attention to every detail, and he wants his customers to feel good in his car.

For example, he drives with the radio turned off, unless customers ask him to play some music. He doesn’t want to disturb them if they are heading to an important meeting.

He Listens to His Customers’ Needs

There’s nothing worse than grabbing an Uber after a long day at work and having to listen to your Uber driver’s boring stories when all you want to do is relax and unplug. Vish can recognize whether the customer wants to talk, or they prefer to sit in silence. He is okay with both options and won’t insist.

He has researched the best restaurants and the best shopping centers in town, and he can recommend various options. He has had some special requests, like tourists asking him to do a panoramic tour of the city. He was glad to assist, show them about, and be a part of their unforgettable experience.

He Cleans the Car After Each Ride

Vish always keeps wet wipes in the drawer, and he cleans the mats after every ride. Some of his colleagues think that this might be too much. However, Vish believes that every customer deserves to ride in a clean car.

He stated that his car is his office, and if people in the corporate world like to keep their offices clean and tidy, he should do the same thing. Every evening when he gets home, no matter how tired he might be, he cleans the car. It has become almost a ritual for him because he likes to enter a clean car in the morning.

Learn from the Uber’s Finest Driver

If you thought that top Uber drivers have some supernatural powers, you might be surprised. As you can see, there’s no mystery. It’s all about hard work, dedication, and politeness. The best drivers have very high standards and expect the best from themselves. That way, they’re sure they will meet their customers’ expectations.

Whether you want to be a successful Uber driver yourself, or you have a completely different career, you can learn a lot from Vish.

What other traits should every great Uber driver have? Do you know some exceptional drivers? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.

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