Touch Screen Unresponsive On LG G7 (Solved)

Owners of the LG G7 might want to know how they can fix their smartphone stops responding to touch and starts misbehaving. There is no need to panic, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned coins trying to replace the touchscreen of your LG G7. Before you decide on what to do, there are some tests that you can carry out to be certain about what is causing touchscreen unresponsive of the issue on your LG G7. This is because there are manual methods that you can use to fix this issue, and they will save the extra money you will spend on getting a new screen for your LG G7. Below, I will explain how you fix touch screen unresponsive in spots using the Service menu on your LG G7.

How to Solve Unresponsive Touch Screen on LG G7

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. FInd the Phone app on your home screen
  3. Type this code in the keypad “*#0*#”
  4. Multiple tiles appear in the shape of an “X”
  5. If you can successfully paint it all with your fingers, then the touch test worked, and there is nothing wrong with the screen of your LG G7

But if you can’t paint all the tiles in the shape of an ‘X,’ then I think you will need to replace the touchscreen of your LG G7. If your LG G7 is still under warranty, then you are definitely recovered, and you can be sure that your LG G7 will be replaced for you. But If your LG G7 is no more under warranty, and you can’t currently afford a new touchscreen, then I will advise that you try to move all your icons from the spots on your LG G7 screen that is no more responding to touch so that you will be able to have access to the apps until you can replace your touch screen.

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