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How To Track And Find Google Pixel 2

How To Track And Find Google Pixel 2

It’s a common occurrence to misplace or lose your Pixel 2, and there are times when you will be interested in tracking it to see if it can be recovered. I’ll suggest and explain some ways below that you can use to locate your misplaced or stolen Pixel 2 including making use of tools like a tracker app, Android Device Manager and other effective ways.

Similar to the Find My iPhone service on Apple devices, Google has its own service which is called Android Device Manager and some users call it Find My Android. You can make use of this program to locate and recover your lost or stolen Pixel 2. Follow the guide below to know about how you can recover your lost or stolen Pixel 2.

The work of the Android Device Manager is to assist you to track and locate your Pixel 2. to make things better, it also comes with a feature that makes it possible to remotely delete all data and information on your device in case you can’t recover it anymore. The following guide are methods for user that are interested in knowing how they can recover their lost or stolen Pixel 2.

Quick Tips to Find Lost Pixel 2

I’ll explain different ways that you can use to recover your lost Pixel 2, below are some of the tips to start with:

  • Ensure you install all necessary tools on your Pixel 2 that will make it easier to locate your Pixel 2 from a remote location. I will recommend tools like Android Device Manager and Lookout. As soon as you recover your phone, make user you take set measures in place that will ensure that it does not happen again.
  • You can make use of apps like AirDroid to remotely have access to files and information that you will need to recover as well as other advanced features like remote access to your device camera and text messaging.

Making Use of Android Device Manager To Find Pixel 2

The most effective option that you can use to recover your misplaced or stolen is to make sure you have registered your device with Android Device Manager. Most of the smartphones produced now come with the feature activated out of the box but you can check to be certain.

You can configure your Android Device Manager on the Pixel 2 by locating Settings and then search and click on Security and Screen Lock and then Device Administrators. The specific location of the menus might not be the same from one carrier to another. So you can look around and as soon as you see “Android Device Manager’, mark the box to activate it.

Using Lookout

If your Android Device Manager proves futile in assisting you to track your Pixel 2, you can try using Lookout. Lookout works almost the same like the Android Device Manager, and it is more versatile when it comes to security features.

Loud Ring Mode To Find Pixel 2

The first thing your should is to make sure your Pixel 2  is in loud ring mode, this goes a long way in making sure that you quickly recover your smartphone if it is close to you. You can also remotely lock and delete all confidential information from your Pixel 2. You can download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store if you ever need to use the service from another Android device.

Find Your Lost Pixel 2

If you want to use the Android Device Manager with another smartphone to find your stolen or misplaced device, you will need to launch the Android Device Manager page and track your Pixel 2. This tool works with your GPS to track the location of your Pixel 2. The GPS locate feature will track and report the location of your device. Google has advised that owners of the Pixel 2 should not try to recover a lost smartphones themselves; you can contact the nearby police to assist you to retrieve and recover your stolen phone. You should also know that for the GPS feature to work; your Wi-Fi must be ON.

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