How to Enable Twitter Night Mode for iOS, Android, and the Web

Posted by Jim Tanous on November 19, 2017
twitter night mode

Twitter’s default interface is a clean modern look with lots of white backgrounds. This is fine in most cases, but many users don’t know that Twitter also offers a Night Mode design that replaces most of the white with shades of dark blue.
This not only gives the Twitter interface a unique look but, as its name suggests, it can make Twitter easier on your eyes in dark environments. Here’s how to try out Twitter Night Mode for yourself in both the Web and Mobile versions of the service.

Twitter Night Mode on the Web

To try out Twitter Night Mode via the Web interface, open your browser of choice, head to twitter.com and log into your account. Once logged in, click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner.
twitter night mode web
From the drop-down menu that appears, choose Night Mode at the bottom (the option with the half-moon icon). As soon as you click it, the entire Twitter interface will switch over to Night Mode.
twitter night mode web
Note that this is a per-browser setting, meaning that it will save your setting if you later log in using the same browser on the same computer, but you’ll need to re-enable it if you switch browsers or use another device.

Twitter Night Mode for Mobile

Night Mode is also an option in Twitter’s mobile apps. First download the official Twitter app from the iOS or Google Play app stores and log into your account. Once logged in, tap your profile picture in the upper-left to reveal the options slider.
twitter night mode iphone
Then select Settings and Privacy > Display and Sound. Toggle the Night Mode option to turn it on. Note that Twitter for Android also has an Automatic at Sunset option which will turn Night Mode on automatically at sunset and turn it off again at sunrise.
twitter night mode iPhone
Just like in the Web interface, this change will be saved in the Twitter app on a single device, but you’ll need to turn it back on again if you restore your device or change phones.

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