How To Use Wireless Charging On Galaxy S9

Posted by nik on March 2, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

One of the critical features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is its ability to conduct wireless charging. Still, a lot of users do not understand how to operate this function for the wireless charging system when they are away from a power source, as most smartphones need to be cable charged.

The most common way to utilize the wireless charging capabilities of the Galaxy S9 is through the use of the Samsung wireless charging pad, or if you are looking for a fast charging option, then the fast charge Samsung Qi wireless charging pad is your best option to achieve your desired result if you need your phone in a hurry.

Wireless Charging

These charging devices are recognizable and functional worldwide, so you won’t need to worry about consistency. Hence, they represent the Samsung standard internationally. At international public areas like airports and the likes, you can expect to find these Samsung wireless pads.

All Galaxy S9 smartphones are compatible with the wireless charging pads and are able to utilize the wireless charging feature. Note that the typical smartphone is only compatible with one type of wireless charging. The Galaxy S9, by comparison, boasts universal compatibility with various modes of wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 supports Power Matters Alliance and Power Consortium. This means that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the software of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will remain unchanged.

The only thing you need to do is to go near a wireless charging pad, and your Galaxy S9 will start charging automatically, or you can purchase the Samsung wireless charging pad for personal use.

What this means is that you don’t need to carry a tangle cords with you all the time, which is probably a relief to many of you.

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