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How To Use Wireless Charging On Galaxy S9

How To Use Wireless Charging On Galaxy S9

The ability to charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is a great feature that allows users a simpler way to get power to their phones. Wireless charging eliminates cords but can also be used when they charging port fails (in most cases).

Once you’ve chosen the wireless charger for your Samsung device it’s as simple as plugging the unit into the wall and setting your phone on it. Your phone should make a sound and you will see a brief circle in the middle of the screen. To be sure your phone is charging look for the lightning symbol in the battery bar at the top of your screen.

Samsung Wireless Charger Options

There are two recommended options for a Samsung Wireless Charger: The Samsung QI Wireless charger and the Convertible Charger by Samsung.

The Samsung Wireless Charger

A compact option that allows your phone to be cradled upright this is a reliable option for those who want a Samsung branded wireless charger. This charger can have a phone from 0% battery life to 100% battery life in about 2 and a half hours.

The Convertible Fast Charger

A little more costly than the other model, this charger is both fast charging and flexible. The Convertible charger can be used upright or with your phone laying down. This is an added benefit for larger phones.

The convertible fast charger can charge a phone from 0% to 100% in about an hour and a half.

Both of these charging devices are rated for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and should work well assuming there’s nothing obstructing the QI Wireless Receiver. This NFC module is located inside the back of your phone just under the camera.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

As cords age they become frayed and need to be replaced. Samsung rated replacement cords can be costly over time. Wireless Chargers are one small device with a cord that plugs into a wall outlet for power.

Wireless charging is an easier way to charge your Galaxy phone. By placing the phone on the charger it immediately begins charging, there’s no more reaching for a cord in the dark.

Another benefit of using a wireless charger is extending the life of your phone’s charging port. Plugging in and unplugging repeatedly causes damage to the charging port over time. Using corded chargers also means charging ports become impacted with lint and dirt causing them to charge slowly and eventually stopping.

Troubleshooting Wireless Charging Issues

If your phone isn’t charging on a wireless charger there’s a few things to check:

  1. Is your case obstructing the connection? – Certain phone cases, such as the Otterbox Defender Series, may be too thick to allow your phone to charge. For this case in particular you can remove the rubber barrier from the outside of the case and it should work.
  2. Is your phone placed so that the QI Receiver is making a connection? – The Samsung Galaxy S9 QI receiver is located in the center of the phone on the back just under the camera. It may be helpful to turn your phone on its side to get it to charge.
  3. It is a good idea to power cycle your phone if the above steps haven’t worked. This reboots the system if your phone isn’t reading the wireless charger.
  4. Check the Settings – Under Settings and Advanced Features tap “Accessories,” Switch the Fast Wireless Charging option over until it turns Blue.
  5. If your phone is not charging on a cord the Sub PBA (the part of your phone that operates the charging port) may be damaged or not functioning. It is rare, but this can lead to an inability to get adequate power to your battery even with a wireless charger.
  6. To ensure the wireless charger itself isn’t the issue put another device on it. If it does not charge, make sure that your wireless charger is plugged in and the cord is secure in the back of the charger.

If you are having other issues with wireless charging check out our article on Wireless Charging for Galaxy S8 Not Working.

Wireless Charging

All Galaxy S9 smartphones are compatible with the wireless charging pads and are able to utilize the wireless charging feature. Note that the typical smartphone is only compatible with one type of wireless charging. The Galaxy S9, by comparison, boasts universal compatibility with various modes of wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 supports Power Matters Alliance and Power Consortium. This means that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the software of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will remain unchanged.



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