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Huawei P10: How To Split Screen (Guide)

Huawei P10: How To Split Screen (Guide)

One of the greatest features on the Huawei P10 is “Split Screen View.” With this feature you are able to add two apps to the display at once and use both apps simultaneously.
This has been a feature on PCs and laptops for decades, but it has only started to be implemented on smartphones in recent years. By default, Split Screen View is disabled – you will need to enable it and set it up within the settings menu,
In this article we’ll explain how you can use the Split Screen View Multi Window mode on the Huawei P10.
How To Split Screen on Huawei P10
Follow the instructions below to turn on and set up the Split Screen View mode on your Huawei P10.

  1. Make sure your Huawei P10 is switched on.
  2. Next, go to the settings app.
  3. Under ‘device,’ tap the option for Multi Window.
  4. Tap the toggle for Multi Window to the On position.
  5. You can set apps to open in Multi Window mode by default by tapping the check back next to ‘Open in Multi Window View.

You’ll know when the Huawei P10 Multi Window View mode is enabled because there will be a small gray semi-circle on the display. If this semi-circle isn’t showing, make sure to follow the steps above again.
To use Multi Window, simply tap the gray semi-circle. This will bring up the Multi Window feature. You can then tap app icons to open up multiple apps within the Split Screen view. You can also resize each window by holding your finger down on the gray semi-circle once you have two windows open.

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