How to Get Verified on Triller

All of the most popular social platforms have verified users confirming their authenticity. These are usually world-famous people or brands that use these platforms to engage with fans and promote their image.

A few years ago, Triller announced their verified program too. Since then, it’s become more appealing than ever with the ongoing rise of the app’s popularity.

If you want to find out more about how to get verified on Triller, and what benefits it brings, keep reading this article.

Why Is Triller All the Rage?

The Triller app is rising rapidly among both amateur and professional content creators. Users seem to recognize that it’s a simple, yet effective way of creating short videos for both entertainment and personal promotion.

The app works like this – Choose one song from either Triller’s popular recommendations, Spotify playlist, or your storage. Then, record a few clips of yourself performing (dancing, acting, or just lip-syncing) and edit the video. Then, post it and share it to other various social apps (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Currently, the app has over 13 million active users, which provides a fantastic platform to promote yours or someone else’s work. Recently, musicians like Post Malone used the app to promote their new singles or other music from notable rising stars in the industry. This is a perfect time for you to start acquiring followers on Triller and work your way up to a verified user.

The Perks of Verified Users

Verified users are frequently featured in the trending section of the app so they can promote their content to millions of users. Furthermore, you can monetize your content through other users’ donations and work your way up while building your brand.

In 2018, Triller attempted to promote the verified program further. Their brand ambassador at the time, Lea Elui, made a short video teaching users how to make Triller videos. Lea Elui, who was only 17 years old at the time, managed to gather more than $50,000 and pay for her college tuition thanks to the program.

After the successful experiment, Triller invited other influencers and authors to monetize their content with the help of the app – at the same time promoting upcoming stars and the app itself. Nowadays, more and more creators are following Lea’s path.


How to Get Verified on Triller

Unfortunately, there’s no milestone for you to reach that will instantly turn you into a verified user. If you’re a well-known celebrity, you can get verified right away. However, if you’re just starting your career, you’ll have to put in a little more effort.

Even though there aren’t any official parameters that will help you verify your account, some things will certainly help:

  1. Videos having a lot of likes – If your videos are frequently liked by hundreds or thousands of people, you’ll certainly start to get noticed.
  2. Plenty of followers – The number of followers indicates your popularity. Additionally, it increases engagement on your content (likes, comments, shares, etc.)
  3. Posting content regularly – If you’re frequently making new content you’ll have more engagement, better reach, and better chance to feature in “trending” and “popular” videos.

When you start getting noticed by Triller and notable users on the platform, it won’t be too long until you get verified. Then, you can turn your entertaining hobby into profit, too.

Gems and Gold – Triller’s Currency

The Triller platform has its currency – Gold and Gems. You can track their amount from the app’s Wallet feature. When you’re a verified user, your profile will get a “Donate” button. This way, other users may donate Triller’s currency that you can turn into real cash.

It works like this – You convert real cash into Gold. Then, you can donate that Gold to a verified user. After a verified user receives a particular amount of Gold, they can turn it into Gems. Gems can be converted back to regular money.

Therefore, once you’re verified, you can receive gold which you can turn into cash. As you may figure, there are various ways to monetize your verified status. Musicians on the rise can give you Gold in return for promoting their music on your videos. On the other hand, your fans can donate money just to support your work.


Your Path to Verification Starts Now

If you think you have what it takes to be a verified Triller user, now’s the time to start. Find some tips to earn more followers and likes, start engaging with other users, and follow the most popular trends.

It may be difficult in the beginning, but if you’re posting content frequently and gaining new followers daily, you might explode in no time at all. Once you get verified, the real fun starts.

Are you verified on Triller? Do you have any special tips for aspiring verified users? Share your experience with the app in the comments section below.

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