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10 Best Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

10 Best Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity but sometimes we just can’t help it. So rather than staring out the window or blankly at the wall, why not refresh your brain with a quick visit to one of these cool websites to visit when you’re bored? I’m not promising they will snap you out of it but they are much more effective than staring at that wall!

Most of these are pointless and of no practical use whatsoever but are a bit of fun and definitely somewhere you can visit when you can’t concentrate. Most of these websites are safe for work but use your own judgment whether to visit them while you’re there or not. I take no responsibility for your random clicks while at your desk!

Bored Panda

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Bored Panda is probably the most famous site in the world to use when you’re bored. It’s a news aggregator site that posts randomly interesting stuff from around the world. Whoever, or whatever curates it is awesome as you will find yourself opening articles you would never normally read. What’s more, you will find them interesting too!

Bored Panda is a good first site in the list and gives your brain a bit of a rest without having to switch it off completely.

The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a neat randomizer that takes you to some seriously random websites every time you hit the pink button. Some look to have been crafted specifically for The Useless Web while others just seem genuinely random in all meanings of the word. Hitting the button four times took me to a page where I couldn’t not tweet something, where I hit a guy in the face with an eel, where I directed a floppy worm around a screen and a perpetually falling screen.


I have a love hate relationship with TED. I love it because I’m always learning something new. I hate it because I always discover something new which takes me away from the thing I was learning before. TED talks have become more powerful over time as more people offer their services and ideas. Some of the leading lights of industry, academia, science, medicine, movies and all sorts of areas of expertise have published TED talks and most of them are fascinating.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an amazing resource. With over 50,000 free books that are classics or out of copyright, there is a fantastic array of reading material here. All for free. If you’re a reader and don’t mind the classics, there is a little bit of everything here from Shakespeare to Milton, Mark Twain to Thomas Hardy. There are also audio books on the site too. Most books are downloadable as .txt., .pdf or other formats. What better way to cure boredom than reading?

Honest Slogans is exactly that. A series of slogans or brands that have been reimagined as if they told the truth. Some of them are funny, some are dumb but most are thought provoking and right on point. These slogans are updated all the time so can reflect things that are happening right now. I like this site for a little light humor once in a while.

The Faces of Facebook

The Faces of Facebook is a very cool website that takes all publicly available images on Facebook and puts them on a single page. Click anywhere on the page to zoom in, click on any image within the zoom to be taken to that person’s Facebook profile. The website only uses public available images and it continually surprises me the kind of images people put on the social network and leave them public!


Geoguessr is a browser game that won’t get you fired. It is a great little game that uses Google Maps. It drops you in a random place and you have to figure out where you are from the images you see. You can travel for a short distance up and down the road and if you’re lucky, you will see an identifying feature. If you’re not lucky, you won’t. If you think you know where you are, select a position from the map in the bottom right, hit take a guess and see how far you were out. Prepare to lose a lot of time to this one!

Funny or Die

Funny or Die has been around for years and as long as your computer has sound or you have headphones is a very cool website to visit when you’re bored. A few too many of the videos on here are political for my liking but this should die down soon. Once you get past those, the rest of the content is funny or at least amusing. As long as the sound won’t annoy others if you’re at work, this is a great site to lose time.


StumbleUpon is old but gold. Having been up and down in popularity for the longest time, I still have it in my favorites list for when I’m bored or want to wander for a while. You do have to sign up but once you do you get access to a huge range of websites based on your interests or pure randomness. You can them thumbs up or down depending on whether you like them or not.

People of Walmart

Oh come on, don’t tell me this site doesn’t make you laugh! People of Walmart is both a sad example of how far society has yet to evolve and an excuse to laugh at the style choices of others. This site is a unique insight into the lifestyles of the average Walmart shopper. We have all been to the store and we have all seen something we wish we had a camera for. This site celebrates all those times.

Those are ten cool websites to visit when you’re bored. I have more, lots more but this article had to end somewhere.

As always, if you have cool websites that you visit when you’re bored and would like to share them, tell us about them below. We could always use more!

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