How To Watch American Netflix in Qatar

Working in Qatar and want a taste of home? Bored of local TV and want to see a wider range of TV shows? Want to watch American Netflix in Qatar? If so, this tutorial is for you!

Qatar is an Arab state in Western Asia. It’s a small country but beautiful and full of color, culture and desert. It is also very conservative. Even though it is seen as sitting in the middle ground between ultra-conservative Arab states and the west, by our standards, the country is very conservative and very restricted in what is accepted and acceptable.

Like most Arab countries, if you live within their rules and accept their way of life, it’s an amazing place to live and you will make friends that last forever. One way to do that is to be measured in how you live. If you want to get a little taste of home while being seen to conform, you can do that by watching American TV in your room without anyone knowing.

American Netflix in Qatar

The main way to watch American Netflix in any country is to use a VPN. You could use smart DNS or other obfuscation method but a VPN encrypts and secures your traffic as well as allowing you to watch any content from anywhere. While Qatar is not regarded as a repressive regime, security is a right wherever in the world you might live.

According to this website, Qatar currently has 178 TV shows and 552 movies available on Netflix. Compare that to the 1,326 TV shows and 4,339 movies available in the US and there is a clear reason to want to watch the American version of Netflix!

To watch American Netflix in Qatar, you need a VPN with US exit nodes. That means a provider with American VPN servers that will make your traffic look like it came from within the States. As far as Netflix is concerned, you’re on home soil and it will provide you the full range of content.

Here are some VPN options for you to choose. You will need to set up your VPN before you leave as they may not be available through Qatari internet.

Private internet Access

Private internet Access features regularly in our VPN lists because of the price, security and volume of VPN servers. It has 3,321 VPN servers in 32 countries including the US. It also offers 256-bit encryption for security and works to stay a step a head of Netflix VPN blocks when they arise. There is an app for most operating systems and devices and it makes short work of connecting to the network. Overall it’s an easy system to use.


NordVPN is widely recognized as one of the most secure VPN providers around. It isn’t the cheapest but you have some security options not available elsewhere in return. The most useful is a double-hop VPN. Where you would normally connect to a VPN server and then exit, you can hop to another VPN server and exit there. This adds a double layer of anonymity. The app is also pretty good and offers 256-bit encryption.


ExpressVPN is one of the faster VPN options and has quite a presence. With thousands of VPN servers across 160 locations in 94 countries, you have lots of options here. You’re only going to need US exit nodes for Netflix and all of these providers offers a bunch of those. ExpressVPN has an app that works well, a network known for its speed and is middle of the road when for cost. Well worth checking out if you’re in the market.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish has over 1,300 servers in over 75 locations across the world, including a few hundred US-based VPN servers. This makes it a great option for watching American Netflix in Qatar. It has a fast network, 256-bit encryption, a very user friendly app, simple setup and also sits in the middle as far as pricing goes. Again, well worth checking out if you want a simple to use VPN with significant US presence.


CyberGhost is also worth considering for circumventing geoblocking. It’s a competent VPN service with over 3,600 servers in over 60 countries, including dozens in the US. The app is fast and easy to use and makes connecting simple. The network is fast and the service is reliable. It is comparable to these other options in terms of pricing and also offers the same 256-bit encryption.

These suggestions are not your only option to watch American Netflix in Qatar. There are hundreds of VPN providers out there all offering similar services. What these five do offer is the ability to regularly watch Netflix from wherever in the world you might be. Not all VPN providers can achieve that.

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This Guide Last Updated: June 7, 2019

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