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Ways To Fix Slow Internet Lag On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Ways To Fix Slow Internet Lag On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners have complained of getting a slow internet lag whenever they try to browse. Sometimes the web pages don’t load or take a lot of time to load. Some owners have complained of facing the same issue when they are using their social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. There are quite some reasons why this is happening on your Note 8. Below are reasons why you are experiencing this issue on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Common causes of the slow internet on Galaxy Note 8:

  • When you are connected to a poor or weak signal.
  • When you connected to a weak Wi-Fi network
  • The website you are trying to go to is experiencing heavy traffic
  • Too many users on the network you are connected to.
  • Apps running in the background affecting your processor.
  • Not enough memory space on your device.
  • Corrupt or full internet cache
  • Outdated Note 8 firmware
  • You’ve reached your data limit

Your Note 8 might be experiencing slow internet lag due to any of the reasons above. After checking out all the above reasons and you still don’t know why you are having a connection problem, you can follow the instructions below to fix your Note 8 connection issue.
Clear Internet cache on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Most of the time, the above ways should help you to fix the internet issue, but if the issue persists, you can carry out a process called “wipe cache partition.” This process should solve the issue, and you do not need to be worried about your important files because this process will not tamper with your files including your pictures, messages, and videos. You will need to put the phone in Android Recovery Mode to carry out this process. You can use this guide to know how to clear Galaxy Note 8 phone cache.
Make sure your Wi-Fi is switched off on Galaxy Note 8
Most times, your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will still be connected to a poor Wi-Fi signal, you need to be certain that you switched OFF your Wi-Fi. The steps below will assist you in switching off your Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Tap Setting
  4. Tap on Connections
  5. Tap Wi-Fi
  6. Move the ON/OFF toggle to Wi-Fi OFF to switch off your Wi-Fi.

Scan your Galaxy Note 8 For possible Malware
If the slow internet connection problem persists after trying all the above methods, you will need to check to be certain your smartphone has not been infected with malware. There are a lot of free anti-virus programs on Google Play Store that you can download, I will strongly suggest that you read the reviews from users that have downloaded the program before downloading it too.
If the program detects a malware during the scan, you can this process to clear cache and data on your Note 8. If the problem persists after clearing cache, you can go ahead and perform a factory reset on the Galaxy Note 8 to reset everything your smartphone back to default. It’s important to point out that you should make sure you backup all your important files and messages before undergoing a factory reset.
Contact Technical Support
If the internet connection problem persists after trying all the above methods, I will advise you take the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 back to a shop where a certified technician will help you to check it. If found faulty, it can be repaired for you or you will be given a new one.

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