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Which Laptop Brands Last the Longest

Which Laptop Brands Last the Longest

Laptops are essential for most people these days, whether you use them for gaming, work, or school. Over the years, laptops have become smaller and thinner, but this hasn’t impacted their quality. On the contrary, they are now more efficient than ever.

When buying a laptop, durability is vital to consider. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that will need replacement or repairs after a brief period. Laptop brands are aware of this and most are dedicated to manufacturing top-quality products. Still, some brands stand out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in learning more about which laptop brands last the longest, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to manufacturers that focus on durability. And as a bonus, we’ll offer some tips on how to take proper care of your laptop and extend its lifespan.

Which Laptop Brands Last the Longest?

A laptop’s durability depends on many factors such as battery, design, software, etc. It’s hard to say which laptop brand is the best because it’s highly subjective. Even the model labeled as “the most durable” can break down.

However, several brands have been traditionally labeled as the most durable based on their reputation and thousands of positive reviews.


Apple is one of the brands that offer top-quality, durable laptops. One reason for this may lie in the operating system. As you probably know, Apple has developed its own operating system for laptops. The OS guarantees security against viruses and malware, thus ensuring your laptop lasts for a long time.

In addition to being virus-free, the OS is designed to create a unique ecosystem with other Apple devices. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll enjoy easy connection and cloud storage as well as fast file transfer.

Another factor that contributes to Apple’s laptops’ durability is the lack of third-party software. The company manufactures all the essential software, so there’s no fear of using unreliable and untested apps of unknown origin.

Many users enjoy Apple’s laptops because the company makes reliable and durable products without corrupting their appearance. In fact, Apple’s laptops are some of the thinnest on the market. They feature lively colors and a sleek design, making them not only powerful but also visually appealing.

Laptops are made from high-quality materials and feature an excellent display. Top-level build quality contributes to the laptops’ durability, minimizing the chance of damage.

Apple also provides regular updates for its laptops, enabling you to use even older models for a long time.

Although its laptops are exceptionally durable, Apple has its drawbacks. If you’re not using other Apple products, you may find the laptops impractical or incompatible with other devices. Moreover, if you used another operating system in the past, you may find that Apple’s laptops lack essential apps and programs.


Finally, Apple’s perfect blend of durability and design comes at a price: these laptops are on the more expensive side.


Lenovo has been on the market for decades and proved that it’s one of the most reputable laptop brands. The company is dedicated to producing durable laptops that can withstand any damage. The brand is known for having two main product lines: IdeaPad and ThinkPad. Both offer exceptional quality and feature incredible build frames.

ThinkPad laptops have been tested for reliability and durability following military standards. These tests include exposure to mechanical shock, vibration, humidity, sand and dust, extreme temperatures, and more. If you’re looking for a laptop that can withstand almost anything, Lenovo offers a variety of choices.

Additionally, Lenovo laptops don’t come with an excessive number of third-party apps. You won’t end up with many programs you’ll never use and waste time deleting them.

Besides the excellent build quality, Lenovo knows not everyone can afford a high-end laptop. That’s why the company offers models within a wide price range, ensuring each user finds what suits them.

Another critical part of durability is the battery. Lenovo laptops feature long-lasting batteries, so you won’t have to worry about getting through the day even when you don’t have access to electricity.

With proper care, you’ll be able to use your Lenovo laptop for years to come. It is essential to update it regularly. In addition to getting extra features, you’ll also receive better virus protection. Since Lenovo is devoted to innovation, you can always expect something new to appear with updates.


Windows OS is featured in Lenovo laptops and is the standard for many apps and games. Whether you use your laptop for work or fun, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all your favorite programs are available.

Like every brand, Lenovo has its disadvantages. Although it manufactures some of the most durable laptops, many argue that their appearance is too basic and bulky. This isn’t the case for every model but it’s a point to keep in mind, especially if you’re a visual type and consider design important.


As one of the best-known names in the laptop industry, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has more than earned a place on this list. For decades now, HP has been dedicated to creating innovative and durable laptops and is among the most reliable brands on the market.

Like Lenovo, HP isn’t afraid to test its products and prove their durability. Some HP laptops go through Mil-Spec testing, which evaluates their performance under specific conditions. Passing the test isn’t easy at all, which confirms HP’s devotion to quality.

Another factor that makes HP stand out is the high-quality battery. Depending on what programs you’re using, HP batteries can last up to 13 hours, which is excellent compared to the competition.

Whatever you want to use the laptop for, HP has got you covered. The company has everything you’re looking for, from less expensive models for causal personal use to high-end gaming computers.

You’ll also find different designs and have no trouble choosing the one that matches your style. All HP laptops feature exceptional build quality and, with proper care, they’ll last for years.

Security is a large part of durability. HP is aware of this and offers numerous features that ensure your activity, files, and data are safely stored. For example, the Sure View technology reduces the viewing angle, preventing others from looking at your screen. The HP Sure Click feature uses a micro virtual machine to access untrusted websites and documents. That way, you’re protected from potential viruses and malware.


HP has a lot to offer, but it also has its negative sides. Less expensive HP laptops often lack speed, which can be crucial for some users. If you’re looking for both speed and durability, you’ll need to pay more.

Does Higher Price Mean Better Durability?

A higher price can often imply better durability. High-quality, durable materials and components are naturally more expensive, affecting the final price. More affordable laptops often feature low-quality plastic that’s more prone to damage.

It’s hard to build a more durable laptop without increasing the cost. A $400 laptop won’t be as durable as the $800 laptop, most of the time. But before you decide that a laptop is too expensive, think of the bigger picture. Decide whether it’s better to purchase a more expensive one and use it for years or to buy the affordable one and possibly have to replace it after a short period.

In most cases, spending more money and investing in a high-quality laptop will pay off in the long run.

How to Increase Your Laptop’s Durability?

Even the best, most expensive laptop models won’t last long if you don’t take proper care of them. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your laptop in great shape and extend its lifespan:

How to Take Care of Hardware?

Taking care of hardware generally comes down to precaution and preventing damage.

Accident Prevention

Be careful about where you put your laptop and what’s around it:

  • Remove any nearby food or drinks.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Don’t let small children touch the laptop without your supervision.
  • Keep your pets away from the laptop.

Protect It When You’re Not Using It

Accidents can happen even when the laptop is turned off. Keep your laptop in a dedicated case to prevent any damage or accidental drops. If you’re often traveling, consider purchasing a laptop bag or backpack with a separate compartment.

Battery Care

First, you’ll see that most laptops have an estimated battery life. Keep in mind manufacturers calculate this in ideal conditions. The battery lasts much shorter if you like a bright screen and use multiple programs at once. It’s recommended to read online reviews to get an accurate idea of the battery’s lifespan.

Once you buy the laptop, it’s vital to know how to take care of it. Some claim it’s best to keep it plugged in at all times, while others suggest you should keep it between 40% and 80%.

The truth is, fully discharging a laptop’s battery over an extended period will damage it and significantly shorten its lifespan. Many may argue that keeping the laptop plugged in will cause the battery to overcharge. Fortunately, this isn’t possible because the hardware doesn’t allow the battery to go over 100%.

With each charge cycle, your battery’s lifespan shortens, and its capacity deteriorates. To keep this to a minimum, it’s best to charge the battery to around 80%. But since this isn’t always possible, keeping the battery plugged in is better than constantly charging and discharging it.

Ideal Conditions

There are many measures you can take to create an ideal environment for your laptop. These aren’t obligatory, of course, but they could increase your laptop’s durability:

  • Wash your hands before using the laptop.
  • Keep the laptop in a clean, dry, and safe place.
  • Clean the laptop’s keyboard, screen, and vents regularly.

Other Actions

Here are some other things you can do to extend your laptop’s lifespan:

  • Carefully insert USB drives and cables into the ports. Pay attention to how and where you should plug them in to prevent damaging your laptop.
  • Don’t leave your laptop in the car because temperature extremes can damage your device. Plus, the laptop can become a target for thieves.
  • Don’t place anything on top of your laptop, as this can damage the screen.
  • Don’t leave your laptop turned on for an extended period.
  • Don’t lift your laptop by holding its screen only.
  • Place a thin layer of foam or plastic on your keyboard to keep the screen clean. That way, you’ll prevent the smudges resulting from keyboard keys and dust.
  • If you’ve noticed your laptop is overheating, purchase a cooling pad. Not only will this prevent damage, but it will also enhance speed and improve performance.

How to Take Care of Software?

Your laptop can’t function properly if it’s damaged from the outside. But the inside is as important: the laptop’s software needs to be maintained and updated to ensure the best results.


Every program needs to be updated from time to time to keep up with the latest trends. Additionally, program updates prevent your laptop from slowing down. Most laptops download updates automatically, but you can also manually check if there are any available.

Also, don’t forget about system updates. You might get some new features, but you’ll also eliminate potential bugs and keep your laptop protected.

Close Unnecessary Programs

Every active program uses up your random-access memory (RAM). The more programs you have open, the more strain you’re putting on your laptop. To help your device run smoothly, shut down the programs you aren’t using.

Delete Unwanted Apps, Programs, and Files

Installed programs take up storage space. If you’ve stopped using one, uninstall it from your laptop. That way, you’ll free up storage and allow your device to work faster.

If you have photos, videos, or music you’ve already backed up or don’t need anymore, it’s best to delete them.

Once you’ve deleted items you don’t use anymore, don’t forget to empty the trash.

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