Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S8 Get Hot

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been claiming that the phone has a tendency to heat up more than expected.

The main cause of the device overheating is constant and intense use for extended periods of time. If you already live in a warm climate, the issue will tend to be more of a constant issue for Galaxy S8 getting hot. Various functions on your phone will require different levels of power. The activities that require the largest amount of power over the shortest periods are likely to be the ones causing the most drastic overheating issues.

Overheating can cause a whole host of issues. From freezes to complete crashes. The only way usually to react to a crash from overheating is to turn the phone off and leave it to cool down before using it again. This can be an annoying and time consuming process.

Here we outline a few ways in which you can prevent your Samsung Galaxy S8 from overheating as often.


Third party apps 

You could be using apps that are causing the problem.

You can check if this is case for you, by running the phone in Safe Mode. If it works perfectly in safe mode, this is a clear indication that one of your third party apps is creating the heating issue.

Safe mode is designed to allow the phone to run without running any 3rd party apps. In safe mode only the original factory setting applications are available to the user.


Follow these steps to enter safe mode: 

  1. Hold the Power button and then hold on the Power Off option until Reboot to Safe Mode
  2. Select Restart.
  3. If it has worked, Safe Mode will appear in the corner.


You can also follow this complete guide on getting your Galaxy S8 to enter and exit Safe Mode.


Factory reset 

If the problem continues after you have tried deleting third party apps, you can try a factory reset.


This process will remove all apps and data from you phone. For this reason it is essential that you backup all the files you want saved, before running this procedure. Contacts, messages and any other data from communications will also be erased. So be sure to have all the information you need to keep copied and stored before activating this sequence.

  1. First, you should wipe the cache partition of your device. (Learn how to clear the Galaxy S8 cache)
  2. Switch off the phone.
  3. Hold the Power buttonVolume up, and Home button all together at the same time.
  4. Let go when the Samsung logo appears.
  5. This will start recovery mode.
  6. In the menu you have to use the Volume down to scroll.
  7. Find wipe cache partition.
  8. Then select it by tapping the Power
  9. When complete, find reboot system now and the again press the Power to activate it.

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