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How To Use Magnifier On iPhone X

How To Use Magnifier On iPhone X

Anyone who has ever had their hands on a brand new iPhone X has in one way or another, wondered about how to zoom in and out in Magnifier on iPhone X.
This amazing new magnifying functionality on the iPhone X enables you to rapidly make things increase in size on your iPhone screen by simply using the camera, like hovering over a menu or newspaper. This is extremely useful in some cases where you need visual aids when reading really small texts. It takes advantage of iPhone X’s high definition camera.
The following instructions will show you how to turn on iPhone X magnifier and several features that come with it.

How to Enable Magnifier on iPhone X

  1. Make sure to turn on your iPhone X
  2. Swipe right to open the Settings > General
  3. Scroll down and tap Accessibility
  4. Press Magnifier
  5. Switch the Magnifier toggle to ON

Now that you Have the Magnifier enabled, you can start using the zoom.

How to Use the Zoom Feature

  1. Triple-tap the side button to open Magnifier
  2. A – and + Magnifier slider will appear at the bottom of the screen
  3. You can increase or decrease the power of magnification by moving it to the left or right

Here Are Some Other Things You Can Do With Magnifier

  • Enable Auto-Brightness
  • Turn on Flashlight from Magnifier
  • Enable Focus Lock
  • Take a Freeze Frame
  • Adjust Brightness and Contrast Manually
  • Change the Filter
  • Invert Colors and Filters

Enable Auto-Brightness in Magnifier

  • Auto-Brightness uses the iPhone X camera to measure light levels and adjust brightness accordingly
  • From your Settings, choose Accessibility
  • Tap on Magnifier
  • Tap the switch next to Auto-Brightness to turn this feature on or off

Turn on Flashlight from Magnifier

  • If the magnifier alone still leaves you struggling to see what you’re looking for because of dim lighting, turn on the flashlight to help you get a good look at your subject
  • Within Magnifier tap the lightning bolt icon to turn the flashlight on or off
  • To use the flashlight outside of magnifier click here

Enable Focus Lock in Magnifier

  • Focus lock can help make things easier to see in low light settings or when holding your iPhone X very close to your subject. You can manually select one section of your viewfinder on which to focus instead of constantly refocusing using autofocus
  • While properly focused on your intended subject, tap the padlock icon to engage focus lock

Take a Freeze Frame with Magnifier

  • Just like taking a photo, freeze frame allows you to capture a still image while using magnifier and zoom in or out as you need
  • Tapping the center button on the bottom will freeze your frame, just like taking a photo
  • You can use the zoom bar to zoom in and out on your freeze frame, just like a photo
  • Tap the center button again to exit freeze frame and return to live magnification

Adjust Brightness and Contrast Manually

  • If you’re still having trouble making out your subject, adjusting brightness and contrast might help
  • The filters button on the bottom right gives you access to contrast and brightness setting. The button looks like three circles

Change Filters

  • Color filters can make certain things easier to see against different backgrounds
  • Tap the icon with three gray circles to access the filters menu

Invert Colors and Filters

  • If a given filter doesn’t make your subject more visible, inverting the filter could help by applying the opposite color scheme
  • In the filters menu, the bottom left button inverts your settings. It looks like two boxes connected by curved arrows

We hope you enjoy taking a closer look at things now that you’re a pro at the Magnifier feature for iPhone X!

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