8 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Introduced Apple’s Fisrt iPhone

Posted by RecomHub on January 10, 2015

The first iPhone was shown to the world almost eight years ago, on the 9th of January. Steve Jobs showed everyone at Macworld in San Francisco the iPhone 2G. Following the industry-changing Mac and the iPod, Jobs claimed Apple was going to introduce 3 more revolutionary products — a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and revolutionary phone, and a breakthrough internet communicator.

The iPhone that Steve Jobs showed during the presentation was later revealed that the iPhone was not just a prototype, but a barely functioning device. However, Jobs continued to demo the device to the audience.

The iPhone 2G introduced the concept of an amazing user-interface, and the first capacitive touch-screen phone. Even tough it was priced extremely high, the phone became a novelty of sorts, with people from all over the world waiting in lines and paying insane prices in the black market for the iPhone.


The iPhone has evolved greatly in these eight years, and so has the iOS platform. As for the popularity of the iPhone, the fact that every newer model of the device has so far surpassed the sales record set by the preceding model is a testament to how the iPhone is continuing to make further inroads into existing and newer markets.


You can watch the full iPhone Keynote Speech below:




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