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How to Add Disney Plus to My Hulu Account

How to Add Disney Plus to My Hulu Account

Disney Plus is an upcoming streaming platform that will allow users to access everything Disney-related. Sure, it’s nice to rewatch many Disney classics, but this platform is much, much more than that.

Hulu, on the other hand, is one of the most popular streaming services available on the internet, a service that stands neck-and-neck with other greats such as Netflix, Vudu, even YouTube. So, you may be wondering, what do Hulu and Disney Plus have in common? And why would you want access to Disney Plus?

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!

Disney Is Unstoppable

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that Disney is rapidly taking over everything related to television. Could you connect the dots between Star Wars and Disney some ten years ago? Most likely, not. Today, Disney owns all rights to the Star Wars franchise.

And Star Wars is just an example. Disney really is in the ascendency. It’s only a matter of time before the entire entertainment industry falls prey to the company that gave us Mickey Mouse. Is this bad? Is this good? Let’s not get into this right now, as there is probably no easy answer.

disney plus

Does Disney Own Hulu?

Yes, Disney owns Hulu. Is Hulu a branch of Disney? Well, like most other services under Disney’s ownership, no, Hulu is a separate platform. A separate platform that offers completely different programs than Disney and that pretty much operates as a separate company. This means that you can’t expect to see Mickey Mouse or other cartoon classics on Hulu (unless we’re talking about Family Guy).

However, what you can expect are oh-so-sweet deals that come in bundles with the upcoming Disney Plus. For instance, after its November release, Disney Plus will come as a bundle package that contains three popular streaming services – Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu. This is just one of the upcoming packages that Disney will likely offer and, owing to the fact that it owns mostly everything, you can expect a variety of interesting combinations here.

Why Go with Disney Plus?

Disney Plus, by and in itself, is a nice thing to have access to. As mentioned earlier, the program featured on Disney channels is no longer only for children. Many franchises are now under the Disney umbrella and will be featured on Disney Plus channels. This means that Disney Plus may end up becoming one of the most diverse and content-filled streaming services around. This alone, is a fantastic reason to get your Disney Plus subscription – it’s a ton of fun for the whole family.

However, it’s not all about Disney Plus, even though the launch of the service will trigger quite the chain of events with its release. The extremely affordable, convenient bundle prices will likely be a bullseye shot for the company. But how come only Disney is pulling this off? You guessed it. Because one of the largest corporations in the world has got a lot of services under its belt, especially if we’re talking about streaming services.

Is Disney All-Powerful?

Powerful? Yes. One of the most powerful corporations on our planet? Yes, if not the most powerful. But can Disney do literally anything it wants? As of yet, no. Granted, most entertainment companies have already embraced Disney Plus, but Amazon, for instance, is one of the companies that Disney just doesn’t click with.

In fact, on its November release, Amazon isn’t included as one of the supported platforms. That’s right. If you’re a Firestick owner, you won’t be able to use the Disney Plus app on it.

Nobody really knows why the feud between Amazon and Disney developed, but the two companies haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye for quite some time now. In any case, healthy competition is always welcome – it keeps the companies on their toes and the customers happy and smiling.

How to Add Disney Plus to Your Hulu Account

The installation is fairly easy. As it’s subscription-based, you’ll probably want to buy it a bundle, in order to make a saving. Approximately, the mentioned ESPN+, Disney Plus, Hulu bundle will set you back around $13 per month, which is incredibly affordable, when you think about it. Who knows, maybe we’re looking at a new way of subscribing to streaming services.

add disney plus to my hulu account

While you can absolutely bundle Disney Plus to your Hulu account, you won’t be able to do it right from the start. Instead, you’ll have to use this link to sign up for Disney’s bundle package for $12.99 per month. By default, the bundle comes with the cheaper version of Hulu, not the more expensive one that’s ad-free, so you might want to consider this factor, too.

The good news is that existing Hulu subscribers are able to sign up for Disney’s bundle while maintaining their current subscription (assuming, of course, you don’t receive your Hulu subscription through Spotify). You’ll need to make sure you sign up through the bundle link here using the same email you use with your Hulu subscription. If you use a different email, you won’t be able to link your accounts together. If you need additional assistance with linking your accounts, make sure you check out Hulu’s FAQ page here.

Disney Plus and Hulu

It seems that the incredibly popular Hulu streaming app is looking at a bundled-up future with Disney Plus. You’ll be able to add Disney Plus to your Hulu account and use it from there, but you’ll also gain access to a separate Disney Plus app. In any case, we’re all anxious for the November 12 release date.

Have you preordered Disney Plus? Are you waiting for the mentioned bundle? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts about the upcoming Disney Plus app.

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16 thoughts on “How to Add Disney Plus to My Hulu Account”

tais says:
how do you log into hulu after subscribing to disney+,hulu & espn bundle? i dont have a hulu account so, so after purchasing disney+ bundle , it doesnt let me log into hulu?
Christy Twilight says:
How is works is the monthly bill for the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ is $12.99 per month. if you have an existing package for Hulu, they will reduce the cost per month down to $7.00. So you will be paying Hulu their fee monthly (5.99-12.99) and you will be paying $7 per month to Disney. So getting the Disney package will be $7 per month for any existing hulu user who uses the same email to sign up for disney. The Disney package only includes Hulu with ads not without so it is important to get the no ad Hulu first before getting the Disney Bundle unless you want ads
Jensaya says:
Hello, I currently have Hulu free through Sprint. So I might as well just pay the $6.99 a month as opposed to $13.99 because I won’t watch ESPN. Unless there is a deal for Sprint users, I saw it was only for Verizon users. I guess I will have to decide if this is worth it.
sean says:
how did you set yours up through sprint?
Brodie says:
Is there a bundle where you get only hulu and disney+? I really don’t want espn in my home. I would pay more for ESPN to not be included.
William Sattelberg says:
Hi everyone! We updated the article to try to make things a bit clearer. To link an existing Hulu account with Disney Plus, make sure you follow the link in the article to the bundle signup page, and use the same email you’ve provided to Hulu to make your account. If you use different email addresses, you won’t be able to link your accounts. It’s also worth noting that Disney Plus has been having some technical difficulties on launch day, so you may receive error messages when signing up (we know we have). Thanks!
Grace Holcombe Preuett says:
I am trying to link it to the existing Gmail I use through Hulu but it is wanting banking information. Is this going to charge me an extra fee if I add all of the info needed or will it link to my Hulu automatically and not charge me any more than what it has to.
David Rivera says:
I just tried to do it and the information provided here is a bit misleading. You are NOT able to add Disney+ as an add-on to your already existing Hulu subscription. You have to get the Disney+ bundle (which includes Disney+, ESPN+ and the basic version of Hulu w/ads). From the confirmation email: “If you already had a Disney+, Hulu and/or ESPN+ subscription when you signed up for the Disney bundle, we will adjust your bundle charge to account for those subscriptions. We will email you when we have details.” Sounds to me like an amount will be credited/adjusted from the Disney+ subscription charge, but you actually have two different subscriptions. Not 100% sure about that last part.
Veleta Garcia says:
I don’t see anywhere on Hulu to add Disney I have the Hulu no add do I have to revert to the Hulu with adds to see it? Should I get Disney plus then add Hulu I’m confused I thought it would be easy
Brendan says:
I don’t have subs to hulu, disney + or espn + where do I start? I can find a link to sign up for the bundle. Thanks!
Dan says:
Disney+ and HULU are separate apps…and will remain so. The Subscriber Agreement indicates that a current HULU subscriber who orders the Disney+ Bundle (and uses the same email as used for the existing HULU subscription will receive a monthly account credit of $5.99 on their Disney+ account to offset the current cost of a HULU (with ads) subscription. The actual cost of the existing HULU account will remain the same and the costs will be billed and paid separately.
Roberta says:
I have the Hulu with adds but want to add Disney plus but i do not know how , tried on my Hulu account. Will it give me the option if I down load Disney plus?
Anastasia says:
We paid/preordered when the deal was out for 3 years. We just got Hulu, how do i add this to our Hulu account?
Kimberly Pennington says:
I want to add it to my Hulu account. How?
Sherry Tiggelaar says:
If I already have Hulu live. How much more will it cost to add the Disney plus bundle?
Matt says:
Why would I have to get hulu with ads when all I want to do is add D+?
Brianna says:
You don’t have to get the bundle! But the bundle is available should you want to!
Brenda says:
I have Hulu live will I get the Disney Plus or do I have to pay an extra 13.00 per month
Jenn says:
I’m a bit confused. Are they saying only the basic Hulu subscription can access Disney+… For example, I have Hulu live TV plus other subscriptions like HBO. Will I be able to add Disney+ the same way I added HBO? If so, cool! If not? Bummer. But I’ll still keep Hulu live cuz it’s a way better deal than any cable or satellite rip off!!
Brianna says:
When reading online it said that Disney plus gives you a credit of 5.99 to your subscription to Hulu instead of having to pay the full $13 and yes you can still get it with live
Katie says:
How do you make sure to get this credit is what I can’t find. It says to sign up for the bundle but how do I make sure my Hulu doesn’t drop down to ad supported?
Jessica Parker says:
Will I get live tv on my bundle po package of 13$ on hulu
Jenn says:
Nope! It costs around 45.99 for Hulu live Lol.
Lori kushaney says:
Cant wait 2 add Disney Plus to my Hulu live subscription !

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