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What to Do if Your Amazon Echo Dot Gets Wet

What to Do if Your Amazon Echo Dot Gets Wet

Keeping a device like Echo Dot away from water pretty much goes without saying.

However, accidents happen. You may have left the device in the rain. Or perhaps you dropped it into water. In either case, you’ll start to panic. Well, don’t. What’s done is done. Plus, there’s probably a way around it. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what you need to do if your Echo Dot gets wet.

They Aren’t Waterproof or Water-Resistant

No Amazon Echo device is waterproof or water-resistant. Maybe your friend told you that he or she left it in the rain all night and the device still worked fine. Be that as it may, there’s no guarantee that this is going to be the case with your Echo Dot as well.

There are various factors that go into this. Although they are built pretty much the same, each Echo Dot device is, to a point, different. The tiniest crack on one that may not be there on another can prevent a key amount of water putting the device’s electronics in danger.

So, take care of your Echo device. Under no circumstances should you leave it out in the rain, no matter how light it is. In fact, even overly moist environments (like saunas) can cause problems with the device.

To reiterate: Echo Dot devices aren’t waterproof and they aren’t water-resistant.

echo dot gets wet

My Echo Dot Device Got Wet

Whatever scenario you’ve put the Alexa device through, your Echo Dot is now wet. There are three things that can happen here – it may be working fine, it might be slightly malfunctioning, or it might be completely inoperable.

It’s important to note that, in any of the three cases, you need to treat the device with care. The fact that the outer shell is wet and it’s still working properly doesn’t mean that it will continue performing optimally. The water may already be making its way through to the electronics.

On the other hand, if you notice that some features have been affected, you may think “but I don’t care about those features.” This isn’t the right way to look at it. You still need to make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to properly dry the device.

Finally, if your device is inoperable or barely operable, it’s not the time to throw it into the trash. Sure, it may turn out that there’s no saving it, but a simple trick may fix it entirely. Don’t give up on your Echo device.

So, what’s the bottom line here? Well, no matter the state of your wet Echo Dot device, you should perform all the steps outlined below.

Drying Your Echo Device

If your Echo Device gets wet, you need to do the following immediately. First of all, disconnect the Echo Dot device from a power source or external battery. Then, dry it off as best you can with a paper towel. Gently shake the device to get as much water out as possible. Dry it with more paper towels.

echo dot

If your Echo Dot device has fallen into salty or muddy water, rinse it carefully with fresh water before doing anything else. Then pat-dry it properly.

Now, use a vacuum cleaner to draw as much of the residual moisture as possible. Don’t hold the vac too close, though, because this might damage the device.

Then, go ahead and buy a can of compressed air and use it on small openings such as jacks, keys, etc.

Now, take a Ziploc bag that can fit the Echo Dot device, and then some. It should be fairly large. Fill it with dry, uncooked rice. Then, put your Echo Dot device in it and close the bag. Leave it overnight. Perform the same process for the next couple of days, until you take the Dot out of the bag and the rice is completely dry. Rice does a brilliant job of absorbing moisture from electronic devices.

Now, leave the device near a source of moderate heat, like a TV or a computer screen. Make sure that it’s in a well-ventilated area.

Only after you’ve performed all these steps is it okay to try and use the device. If everything is working properly, you’re good to go. If not, either get used to it or buy a new Echo Dot device. But only once you’re absolutely sure that you’ve done everything in your power to try and fix it.

Disassembling the Speaker

This isn’t generally recommended, as you may seriously damage your device. However, if you’ve tried all the above-mentioned techniques, and the device is still not functioning (properly or at all), disassembling it and trying to dry it even more can’t hurt. Use rice again for individual components and give it time to properly dry off. Assemble it again and see if it works. If not, it’s time to consider getting a new Echo Dot device.

Don’t Get It Wet

As you can see, patching things up once your Echo Dot device gets wet can be a very tedious, long-drawn-out process. It’s best that you’re as careful as possible and avoid exposing the device to excessively moist or wet conditions. Keep your Amazon Echo Dot dry at all times.

Have you managed to make the device work? Did you find this guide helpful? Feel free to hit the comments section below and give us your two cents about the subject.

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