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Up To Date List of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Compatible Devices – July 2020

Amazon’s list of Echo Smart Home and accessories is simple and neat. You can play music while you do other things or it can be the hub of an entire smart home. The list of Echo devices continues to grow offering consumers more customizable options.

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The Amazon Echo can control a host of compatible devices. Consumers can use them to start their cars, control their home security, and even turn off lights. With so many options, customizing home automation and gifting to others is made easy.

With the latest Amazon Echo devices, users can stay in touch or stay organized. Amazon Echo products are also great for playing music and games too! It is important for those dedicated Echo fans to stay up-to-date with the current compatible devices to make the most out of their home automation and digital assistants.

List of Amazon Echo Compatible Devices


As ever-changing as technology is, it may be difficult to keep up with the newest devices available. The following list includes everything from home hubs to smart lighting and everything in between.

For our first list, let us outline the full range of Echo and Alexa devices, which is an ever-growing list:

At the time of writing this article, October 2020, this is a range of available Echo devices along with a couple of Alexa-compatible ones too.

List of Amazon Echo compatible devices

The list of Amazon Echo compatible devices is now quite long. The more Echos that are sold, the more that manufacturers push to offer products. Amazon’s page has over 3,000 Alexa compatible devices. I won’t bore you with the entire list here but this link takes you to the page [11].

Here’s are some highlights of the list:

Home hubs:

Home hubs integrate with Amazon Echo to provide the brains behind a smart home. Many of the following products may require connecting to a home hub instead of directly to the Echo.

Smart Lightbulbs, Smart Plugs, and Kits

Smart home kits, sockets, and lights are an excellent way to start your smart home integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Some work directly with Alexa while others will need to be connected via a home hub. Check each product [14] individually to see which is which.


Smart home security has come a long way and now provides real-life protection for your property. From smart CCTV to doorbells that call your phone if you’re not home, there is something here for every situation.


Smart thermostats can be intelligently programmed or controlled on the fly directly or through Alexa. They can also integrate into a more involved smart home should you need them to.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners have gotten more effective at vacuuming the floor, making these labor-saving devices a hot git choice for the 2019 season.

Other devices:

These other devices can work independently like the BotVac or in your car like Garageio. However or wherever they work, they can talk to Alexa for more intelligent use. Amazon [21] also has an updated list where new technologies are added for ordering.