Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Doubtful

Posted by RecomHub on September 26, 2014

Apple has three generations of Apple TV set-top streaming boxes with a possible fourth coming out soon. But unlike the Apple TV and Apple TV 2, the Apple TV 3 jailbreak seems like it won’t be happening. Apple TV third-generation was released more than years ago, but still nobody has been able to jailbreak it to work the Apple TV or Apple TV jailbreak. But it seems like at this time there will be no Apple TV 3 jailbreak.
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In April, an Apple TV expert by the name of Kevin Bradley from nitoTV on Twitter explained why the Apple TV 3 jailbreak would not happen; you can watch the YouTube video of it below:

If you to want to have a jailbreaken Apple TC your best bet is to purchase a Apple TV 1st generation or Apple TV 2nd generation. You can purchase these used models on eBay or even Craigslist, but the cost of an Apple TV jailbroken is extremely high. Currently, you can buy a brand-new third-generation Apple TV for $99, or you can save a bit of cash and buy one from eBay for a better price, for around $60.
However, if you ever want to buy a 2nd-generation Apple TV, you’ll be paying more money to be able to have a Jailbroken Apple TV. Just doing a quick search on eBay for jailbroken Apple TVs gives us a huge list of models that have sold for around $200, with some going as high as $300 for fully-loaded XBMC-equipped Apple TVs.
There are some 2nd-generation Apple TVs that are for sale on eBay that are not jailbroken that are priced relatively lower. Some of the sold for around $150, but again this is for the fact that the second generation Apple TV be jailbroken, while you can’t get the Apple TV 3 jailbreak yet.
Overall, if you want to get an Apple TV that is jailbroken, your going to need to pay more than $100 to get yourself one of these Apple devices.

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